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Flagstaff enters Stage One fire restrictions Friday

Wednesday August 12 FLAGSTAFF   The City of Flagstaff announced the city will enter Stage One fire restrictions on Friday August 14, 2020. The restrictions will begin at at 8 – AM Friday.  Fire restrictions are put…

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An old mangy dog would get my vote

by Wade Rathke Greenville   How about that! I almost called it for Kamala Harris, California’s Senator getting the Vice-President nod on the Democratic ticket for the November 3rd election. She quickly makes history as the first…

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President Donald Trump during a press conference in the Rose Garden at the White House on July 14. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
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It’s illegal for federal officials to campaign on the job. Trump staffers keep doing it anyway.

Trump administration officials have been cited 13 times for violating the Hatch Act, a New Deal-era law prohibiting government officials from engaging in campaigning. by Andrea Bernstein, WNYC Wednesday, August 12, President Donald Trump’s recent musings…

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Mail clerks sort packages at a USPS Processing and Distribution Center on Thursday, May 14, 2020 in City of Industry, California. (Photo: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
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Alarms sound after Postal Worker reports removal of sorting machines

The removal of key equipment from Post Offices should be viewed as nothing less than “sabotage,” said one observer. by Jake Johnson, staff writer Wednesday, August 12 The head of the Iowa Postal Workers Union alleged…

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Major ‘Milestone’ for workers as California judge rules Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees

“This is a resounding victory for thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers who are working hard—and, in this pandemic, incurring risk every day—to provide for their families.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Tuesday, August 11 In…

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Paper dolls are held by demonstrators protesting outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Washington on July 17 to demand the release of immigrant families in detention centers at risk during the coronavirus pandemic. (Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images)
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ICE is making sure migrant kids don’t have COVID-19 — Then expelling them to “prevent the spread” of COVID-19

The administration has used infection risk to justify expelling thousands of children without legal protections. But it’s only expelling kids who’ve tested negative. by Dara Lind and Lomi Kriel Monday, August 10 Since March, the Trump…

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Journalists of Color: Apply for ProPublica’s Emerging Reporters Program

Are you a college student of color interested in doing great journalism? ProPublica wants to help. Apply for our Emerging Reporters Program by Aug. 20. by ProPublica July 30 What is ProPublica’s Emerging Reporters Program? The…

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The White House is a mess

by Wade Rathke New Orleans   People literally don’t know what to do. Random strangers will ask in social distanced lines at stores and gas stations, whether anyone knows what’s happening to the stimulus. Will there be…

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Dreamers’ Children: Up to 200,000 American kids could be left parentless

In his continued attacks on DACA and TPS beneficiaries, Trump aims to create a dramatic influx of children into the child welfare system. by Robin Valenzuela Thursday, August 6 In 2013, undocumented immigrant Alicia Chávez (not…

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Bolstering case for transformational green recovery, new study finds lockdown emissions had ‘negligible’ effect on climate crisis

“We still need far more serious measures to make a difference—we need structural change.” by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Friday, August 7 A temporary fall in planet-warming emissions and pollutants triggered by the coronavirus pandemic will…

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Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, on Capitol Hill on July 29. (Anna Moneymaker/The Ne​w York Times via Redux)
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How hotel chains got a slice of government aid for small businesses

Up to $1 billion in small business relief dollars went to hotel chains with more than 500 employees. One beneficiary was the client of a former aide to Sen. Susan Collins who was among many lobbying…

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Saying ICE has ‘Lost the right to be trusted,’ Federal Judge orders mandatory testing at detention center hit by Covid-19

Court order follows an outbreak at the Mesa Verde Detention Center and evidence that officials opted not to test detainees for fear of positive test results. by Lisa Newcomb, staff writer Thursday, August 6 A federal…

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This is bad, but worse is coming!

by Wade Rathke Pearl River  There was a day, long ago, when Betsey Ross sewing the flag was a symbol of America. Now, if we just knew what Debbie Downer really looked like, she might be…

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Demagogues and their enablers

by Wade Rathke New Orleans   It has almost become such an everyday appellation to refer to President Trump as a demagogue that it has almost lost its sting. What might have been hurled as an…

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Postmaster General—a major Trump donor—ousts top officials

‘Friday Night Massacre’ at US Postal Service as “America is in a dead sprint to authoritarianism. The man is pulling out all the stops to prevent the citizens of this country from holding a legitimate election…

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The White House paid up to $500 million too much for these ventilators, congressional investigators say

A House panel says “gullible” White House negotiators overpaid for Phillips ventilators, and it has asked the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to investigate evidence of fraud in the deal. by…

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Rapid and reckless reopenings not only bad for public health—but the economy too

Analysis “There is no way around it: getting the economy back on track means controlling the pandemic.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Friday, August 7 An analysis published in Forbes this week—just ahead of Friday’s federal…

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Prohibited from holding police officer to account, federal judge calls on Supreme Court to overturn ‘Qualified Immunity’

“Those who violate the constitutional rights of our citizens must be held accountable. When that day comes we will be one step closer to that more perfect Union.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Friday, August 7…

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NRA on the chopping block

by Wade Rathke New Orleans   Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA), dealing with all of NRA’s internal and external problems in recent years must be getting advice from his buddy, President…

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Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who died last month at the age of 80, was arrested several times in the 1960s for demonstrating in favor of voting rights for black Americans. (Photo: Spider Martin GPA photo archive/Flickr/cc)
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On 55th anniversary of Voting Rights Act, advocates call on Congress to fully restore law to honor John Lewis’s fight for justice

Since the Supreme Court gutted the law in 2013, more than 1,600 polling places have been closed, including many in largely-Black and Latino communities. by Julia Conley, staff writer Thursday, August 6 Civil rights advocates on…

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As the coronavirus rages in prisons, ethical issues of crime and punishment become more compelling

A 1970 image of prisoners in cell blocks at Rikers Island Prison.  Bettmann / Contributor/Bettmann via Getty Images by  Austin Sarat, Amherst College Thursday, August 6 Across the United States, prisons and jails have become hot…

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Tough Stuff at the Border for Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

by Wade Rathke New Orleans   The President is still running and running hard against immigrants and immigration, even though the issue has now fallen out of the top ten concerns for the American public. It…

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Participants behind a banner reading "COVID BEHIND BARS = DEATH" attend a rally at Rikers Island in New York. Rights advocates have urged state, local, and federal officials to release vulnerable inmates during the coronavirus pandemic and ensure that prisons and jails are equipped with safety measures to prevent outbreaks. (Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)
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Supreme Court rules jail does not have to provide basic protections to inmates

As Prisons Across US Report Surge in Covid-19 Cases “There is no legal principle justifying this stay. The only ‘principle’ animating it is the belief of the Republican appointees to the Court that prisoners are subhuman.”…

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Students on a school bus to Hunters Point Boarding School in St. Michaels, Arizona, one of 180 schools managed by the federal Bureau of Indian Education. BIE-run schools have consistently let down their Native students. (Mark Henle/Arizona Republic)
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The federal government gives native students an inadequate education, and gets away with it

The Bureau of Indian Education has repeatedly neglected warnings that it is not providing a quality education for 46,000 Native students. Once called a “stain on our Nation’s history,” the school system has let down its…

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