Leaking gas stations around Flagstaff

Recently, a number of gas stations have disappeared from Flagstaff. A couple have been replaced but the rest appear to have been taken out for good.

A map provided by ADEQ’s Public Information Officer, Erin Jordan, shows seven gas stations with leaking tanks.

Shell Station Shuttered

The Giant gas station and convenience mart at S. Plaza Way on Milton is on the list for contaminated soil. As of October 16th no remediation has been initiated.

The Shell station on East Rte. 66 and N Park Drive has also been closed due to soil
contamination. As of October 2, no remediation has been conducted.

As for the rest of the locations identified (Carter Fuels on Rte. 66 just east of the Dog Hous, Twin Pines Gasser, who replaced their tanks, and the previous site of Mystic Mobile station on Milton and W. Saunders Dr.) The Meteor has not received responses from the land owners and they aren’t listed on the UST map.

Jordan also shared a website that maps all the known leaking USTs. Per this map, the Fort Valley Gasser, at Cedar and Fort Valley Road was on the list but they have replaced their tanks and conducted remediation.

According to Jordan, “Recent legislative changes have made the process for financial and technical assistance much more efficient and effective for the removal of older underground storage tanks across the state.”

Arizona House Bill 2704, passed in August of this year, Enhances UST (Underground Storage Tank) Financial Assistance Programs. The bill Increases the maximum dollar amounts for each eligible activity and provides up to $15,000 per site for over-excavation of petroleum contamination found during UST removal.

Flagstaff is the gas station and watering hole for millions of tourists every year. How might a smaller number of gas stations effect our town? Only time will tell.


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