City Council to ponder spending $758k Tuesday

Proposal to settle Theatrikos claim for $100k on the table.

City staff recommends the Flagstaff City Council approve spending $757,945 on seven different agenda items. In Tuesday’s council meeting the following items will be considered:

  • The purchase and installation of security equipment at the Flagstaff Airport (95k) required by the Transportation Security Administration to to install an access control system to portals into secured areas of the airport.
  • High-Pressure Sewer Cleaner and a Workhorse Easement Machine to assist city maintenance crews. ($373k)
  • Two 4” pumps for the Water Reclamation facilities. ($67.2k)
  • Contract for consulting work by Evergreen Solutions, LLC (“Evergreen”) “to conduct a study of current city salaries and benefits and to assist in the development and implementation of a future compensation plan with an eye toward making the city more competitive in the employment market.”  ($78k)
  • Category 5 Master Cost Recovery Agreement between USDA, Forest Service, Coconino National Forest and the City of Flagstaff. In common parlance this is for Forest Service Use Permits:

1. Sheep Crossing                                            $4,936.80

2. Lake Mary #2 Communication Tower        $3,898.40

3. Cinder Lake Landfill Project estimated    $13,516.80

Total Estimated Cost                                       $22,352.00


  • Intergovernmental Agreement between Coconino Community College (CCC) and the City of Flagstaff East Library for the lease of the East Library. ($100.1k)
  • A resolution of the Flagstaff City Council authorizing a settlement of claims for damage alleged by Theatrikos, Inc. This is a result of the flooding caused earlier this year in April when a sewer line back up flooded the Doris Harper-White Playhouse with 2,000 gallons of sewage. Theatrikos leases the property from the city of Flagstaff. Theatrikos served a Notice of Claim upon the City in August this year claiming damages caused by the backup. This resolution is the settlement of all claims associated with this incident. ($100.1k)

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