Democrat establishment and centrist pundits go on offensive in “misguided” verbal attack on Sanders Campaign

By Mac England, Feb 23, 2020

Flagstaff. UCLA’s Latino Policy and Politics Initiative estimated Sunday morning, with around 60% of precincts officially reporting, that Sanders won over 70% of the Latino vote in the Nevada caucus. Those numbers support the Sanders claim to being able to organize the strong coalition of democrats necessary to best Donald Trump in November’s general election, including people of color, organized labor, climate change activists, and women voters.

Yet establishment Democrats and some TV pundits — who’s prediction track record has plummeted during the current decade — attack Sanders even going so far as to call the Democrat frontrunner a Democrat version of Trump.

Though not all moderates are taking that approach. With news reports yesterday and this morning citing Democrat Congressional Candidates shying away from Sanders is misguided according to author and political commentator Anand Giridharadas, and down right incorrect according to the NT Times Paul Krugman.

With Krugman saying Sanders “is not a left-leaning version of Trump. Even if you disagree with his ideas, he’s not a wannabe authoritarian ruler. America under a Sanders presidency would still be America, both because Sanders is an infinitely better human being than Trump and because the Democratic Party wouldn’t enable abuse of power the way Republicans have.”

But this is no time for self-indulgence and ego trips. Freedom is on the line.—Krugman

After a disappointing finish in the Nevada caucuses — and an incisive victory there by Sanders — Klobuchar has retooled her stump speech, hitting the Vermont senator earlier and warning Democratic voters that nominating Sanders could have consequences for down-ballot races.
“Who do we want to have as a candidate that heads up our ticket?” Klobuchar told a crowd in Fargo, N.D., Sunday, according to CNN reporter Jasmine Wright. “I think we know we have a choice to make as a party.”

The message was similar to one Buttigieg delivered Saturday night, in which he praised Sanders for a “strong showing” in Nevada — then spent the rest of his speech criticizing him.

“Sen. Sanders’ revolution has the tenor of combat, division and polarization, a vision where whoever wins the day, nothing will change the toxic tone of our politics,” Buttigieg said Saturday.

Yet in a reprimand to that style of campaigning, in an appearance on MSNBC Sunday morning just hours after Sen. Bernie Sanders’ decisive victory in the Nevada Democratic presidential caucus, author and political commentator Anand Giridharadas said the senator’s win could represent the dawn of “a new era in American life” and called out establishment forces—including MSNBC—for reacting like “out-of-touch aristocrats in a dying aristocracy.”

“You have someone talking about, in a way we have not heard, genuine deeper democracy, popular movements, human equality in a meaningful way, and a politics of love in the tradition of Dr. King—and winning elections,” Giridharadas said of Sanders. “I think this is a wake-up moment for the American power establishment, from Michael Bloomberg to those of us in the media to the Democratic Party to donors to CEOs.”

In Texas House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stirred outrage Saturday by visiting Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar at his campaign headquarters in Laredo and voicing hope that the Koch-backed, anti-choice Democrat will ride to a “resounding victory” over progressive primary challenger Jessica Cisneros on March 3. Cuellar’s district, the 28th Congressional District of Texas is planted between San Antonio and south to the U.S.—Mexican border and is heavily Hispanic with a 78 percent Latino/Hispanic headcount according to the U.S. Census compared to white voters which account for 15.9 percent of the electorate.

“We want this to be not only a victory, but a resounding victory for Henry Cuellar, “Pelosi told dozens of Cuellar campaign workers and supporters. “Every step you take, every door you knock, every call you make, will make that resounding victory possible—and it includes getting out a big Democratic vote prepared to vote again in the general election so that we turn Texas blue.”

Yet Jessica Cisneros, an immigration and human rights attorney, challenging Cuelllar is backed by Julian Castro, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, putting older party leadership at odds with organizers on the ground, a variance with campaign methods in Nevada where the grassroots Latino ground game won.

Krugman said, “And if you’re worried about his economic agenda, what’s your concern, exactly? That he’ll raise taxes on the rich partway back to what they were under Dwight Eisenhower? That he’ll run budget deficits? Trump is [running record deficits] already — and the economic effects have been positive.

“To be honest, a Sanders administration would probably leave center-left policy wonks like me out in the cold, at least initially… But this is no time for self-indulgence and ego trips. Freedom is on the line.”

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