Ducey issues stay-at-home order for Arizona beginning 5 PM Tuesday

Gov. Doug Ducey orders Arizona stay-at-home as number of coronavirus cases increases

by Meteor Staff

Monday, March 30 3:30 PM MST

Flagstaff     Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued a stay-at-home order for Arizonans beginning 5 PM Tuesday through April 30.

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The executive order issued Monday restricts residents to their homes as the number of reported coronavirus cases continues to rise across the state. Topping 1,000 cases for the first time on Monday morning the case number continues to grow.

After holding a news briefing and issuing a statement earlier today announcing the closure of all public and charter schools through the end of the academic year, the Governor indicated that it was too early to implement a shelter in place policy.

After outcries from members of the public, after an official statement from mayors across the state, and after calls from public institutions Ducey changed course and announced afternoon today that Arizona will join 30 other states requiring people to shelter in place. The order calls for residents to Arizonans should limit time away from home, except for essential activities. Essential activities are broadly defined to include working in essential jobs and exercising outside.

No proof of essential activities will be needed.

Grocery stores and pharmacies are not closing. Restaurants can continue to offer take-out and delivery services.

The order does not change the services considered essential in Arizona.



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