Flagstaff: city prosecutor to seek elevated fines and jail sentences for COVID-19 threats

From City of Flagstaff press release Monday, April 20, 2020

FLAGSTAFF     In response to recent events, the city Prosecutor’s Section of the Flagstaff City Attorney’s Office intends to seek substantially elevated fines and jail sentences in appropriate cases for those threatening to intentionally expose First Responders to the COVID-19 virus.

The city says “In appropriate cases where a first responder is intentionally and directly exposed to the virus (such as being spit on by a person making such threats), the City Prosecutor’s Office will work with the County Attorney’s Office to pursue felony charges for Aggravated Assault on a Health Care worker or Law Enforcement Officer, as the situation dictates.

Additionally, the Prosecutor’s Section is coordinating with the Flagstaff Police Department to encourage filing Disorderly Conduct or Threats and Intimidation Charges “where appropriate” even when the Officer has not been directly exposed (such as via saliva) but has been threatened with exposure during the course of a lawful encounter with a person.

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