‘Small Signs’, Flagstaff resident releases documentary on summer of protests in Flagstaff, AZ

by Mac England, video produced by Levi Stallings

Friday, October 16

Flagstaff, Ariz   This summer there were over 50 marches, actions, and demonstrations in Flagstaff, Arizona sparked as elsewhere in the country by the death early this summer of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Documentarian Levi Stallings spent hours taking and compiling video from the Flagstaff actions and sit down conversations with residents from all walks of life. The finished piece is called “Small Signs: A Protest In Flagstaff, Arizona

Despite the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic and risks to personal safety due to the nature of demonstrating against police violence and systemic racism in a border town dozens, often hundreds of residents hit the streets to speak out. All summer long more incidents of violence by the police, and sometimes their supporters, directed towards people of color — including several here in Flagstaff — came to light, each one adding to the heat of an unusually hot dry Arizona summer.

Throughout the summer citizen videographers captured these actions on camera and last month Stallings put them together into an hourlong video documentary of the experiences of Flagstaff residents.

See the video here:

Small Signs is an independently produced documentary about Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Flagstaff, Arizona. Featuring interviews from activist organizations like Táala Hooghan Infoshop, Flagstaff Direct Action, and Coalition 4 The People, as well as unsheltered locals, NAU’s Chair of Criminology, politicians, prisoners, and everyday citizens, this film provides a balanced view of protesters and police in small town America. 

Watch for more in-depth reporting and more video pieces in the Meteor and our publishing partners during the coming weeks.

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