Video of assault on US Capitol and shooting of Ashli Babbitt

by Meteor Staff

Editors note:  The associated video was obtained and released by the Washington Post Friday Jan 8, scenes are very disturbing. It shows from the front line of the assault of the Speakers Lounge at the United States Capitol building Wednesday, Jan 6.

Video clips published by the Washington Post shed new light on the fatal shooting of Trump supporter and Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she and other rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

As right wing terrorists attempt to breach a locked and barricaded door inside the Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon, angrily demanding that three U.S. Capitol Police officers who were guarding the door step aside, one of the clips shows the outnumbered officers step aside.

As the window is smashed and the door lock broken an officer on the inside can be seen holding a gun. Roughly 35 seconds after the officers on the outside moved away from their posts, as she climbed up toward a broken section of the unguarded door, Babbitt was shot by an officer inside the breached room defending members and staff of the US House of Representatives from the assault.



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