Crater Radio and Liminal Café present a Harry Potter Holiday


At Liminal Café

With the Flagstaff Literacy Center

December 20, 21, and 22,  

5 pm ’till 8 pm

Liminal Café is hosting readings from Harry Potter in the community space on the NW corner of Butler and San Francisco Aves. Under theHEAD SPACEsign at 217 South San Francisco Street the world of Harry Potter comes alive with food, costume, games, and readings. Be there as favorite Christmas scenes from the Harry Potter series of wizarding books come to life.

Always a favorite at Christmas time, scenes featured are read by Flagstaff Literacy Center’s Goodnight Flagstaff! radio theater and podcast series, and by Crater Radio. The event is a fundraiser for the three community organizations with inexpensive treats and drinks available for a small self-determined contribution. With no charge for entry, $5 donations are encouraged as they go to help the three projects with overhead, and that seems pretty cool.

All three nights activities begin at 5 pm:

  • Wand Making
  • Harry Potter Bookmarks
  • Pencil Brooms

At 6 Goodnight Flagstaff and Crater Radio stars will read from favorite Christmas passages…

Food and drink will be available for donations including:

  • Butter Beer
  • Felix Felices
  • cockroach clusters
  • golden snitch cupcakes
  • acid pops
  • fizzing whisbees
  • Kreacher’s “Leeky” Cauldren Soup
  • and on Tuesday and Wednesday, Molly’s Cornish Pasties.

Photos tomorrow!

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