About Us

“The Voice Of The People”

Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, high atop the Colorado Plateau The Meteor publishes news from Flagstaff  and across the Southwest to points of interest around the world.

We are a multi-media platform news source featuring an online newspaper, video and audio news, podcasts, a network of streaming radio stations and more.

News pages update in real time and reflect the most current stories. Our archives go back into the great darkness BM (before the Meteor).

We’re independent and locally owned

As a Flagstaff based Arizona non-profit the Meteor depends on the support of local folks. Local funding enables the Meteor to produce journalism by and for communities across the Colorado Plateau. Your regular support ensures we can pay our staff to keep going out and bringing back the stories. Independent new sources can only be truly independent when the financing is independent.

We are building an community base of financial support so that we can stop depending on those nasty imbedded and pop up ads that get in the way of a peaceful user experience, but more importantly to assure our readers that our news coverage and editorial positions aren’t compromised by the money chase. Please contribute today. $5, $10 or even $100 per month, or a onetime contribution will go a long way! Thank you for your support – the Meteor News Group, The Meteor

The Meteor 

is the alternative news, music and art platform of the Colorado Plateau. We bring sights, sounds, words and music from the the Four Corners and across Southwest. News for the high plains and the Inter-mountain West.

Featuring photography, podcasts, audio stories, text based news stories and commentary and community affairs style talk shows, still images and video.

Our front page and news pages update in real time and reflect the most current stories, podcast episodes, and videos. Our own archives go back into the great black darkness BM (before the Meteor) and include links to stories, radio shows, and podcasts written and produced by our own staff as well as writers and broadcasters from across the globe.

The Crater

is a network of Internet based radio stations. Our programmers live all over the Southwest. Some are DJs and program hosts from broadcast and internet based stations, some only produce shows for Crater Radio. They hail from nearby and far out places like Flagstaff, Durango, Farmington, Tucson, Lyons, Tuba, Moab, Glendale, Bear Creek, and Milagro, and even occasional guests from places farther away like New Orleans, Seattle, Dallas, and Washington, DC.

Crater Radio is community radio. Featuring radio shows produced by folks across the Colorado Plateau and beyond. We are just getting started and you can get in on the ground floor. To find out you can become a program host, DJ, or news producer click here…


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