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New climate justice zine seeking short articles from Colorado Plateau

Via Kelsey Morales Uplift is making a zine about climate justice in the region and we are accepting submissions!! Our goal is to amplify stories of resistance told directly by those that are resisting or experiencing…

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Students raise $10,000 to get classmate released from Immigrant Detention Center

Students from Crystal Lake Central High school decided to take matters into their own hands when one of their own was facing deportation. Together, the students and staff of Crystal Lake Central High School raised over…

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BLM suspends oil & gas extraction leases in Little Colorado River Valley

Flagstaff  The Trump administration has suspended 4,200 acres of oil and gas leases on public land in Arizona’s Little Colorado River Valley as part of a joint motion filed in federal court yesterday (Feb 5) after…

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Stoneflies and mayflies, canaries of our streams

Experienced anglers recognize that for a trout, the ultimate “steak dinner” is a stonefly or mayfly. That’s why fly fishing enthusiasts will go to extreme lengths to imitate these graceful, elegant and fragile insects. The presence…

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Lawsuit: Trump admin violating the Endangered Species Act in AZ & NM: Cattle trampling waterways.

“It shouldn’t take a lawsuit to keep livestock from trampling these fragile southwestern rivers, but the Forest Service has turned a blind eye,” said Brian Segee, an attorney at the Center. “We found cows, manure and…

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Trump admin pulls 130 extraction leases

Flagstaff    The Trump administration has pulled 130 oil and gas leases in Utah because the Bureau of Land Management failed to fully analyze greenhouse gas emissions and the potential harm to climate from fossil fuel…

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Downtown water line break.

Around 11 am this morning the valve on a water meter broke shooting a 50 foot geyser into the air in front of Incahoots Vintage Clothing store, and the Downtown Diner. It was so cold that…

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Donate to the Meteor today

We are an Arizona non-profit committed to bringing locally owned and supported journalism to and from the communities across the Colorado Plateau. Indigenous voices matter. It’s important when covering this region that news reporters tell the…

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Mary Farfisa is back!

Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Adventures is a series of radio plays written and produced in Flagstaff by Jim Cheff for children. With 40 complete half-hour episodes in the can the Meteor will be home to the…

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City Council to ponder spending $758k Tuesday

Proposal to settle Theatrikos claim for $100k on the table. City staff recommends the Flagstaff City Council approve spending $757,945 on seven different agenda items. In Tuesday’s council meeting the following items will be considered: The…

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Adventures of Mary Farfisa, Space Girl: Episode 3, The Ballad of Mary Farfisa

Episode 3: THE BALLAD OF MARY FARFISA – A children’s radio series, episode 3, in which Briscoe tells the story of how Mary Farfisa became an audio wrangler, after her parents are accidentally lost somewhere amongst…

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She’s back! Mary Farfisa episode 4: Lullaby and Goodnight

Here it is! Mary Farfisa’s Space Adventures episode 4 Lullaby and Goodnight – Mary explores a fairy tale planet called Nevereverever, where a mysterious lullaby has put everyone to sleep. She also meets the mysterious Handyman…

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Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Adventure: Episode 5 – Mary Goes to School

Episode 5 – MARY GOES TO SCHOOL – Mary Farfisa is terrified when she finds out she has to go to School. A children’s radio series written and produced by Jim Cheff. Starring Cara Alboucq, Isaac…

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Flagstaff P&Z to review Southside Community Plan Wednesday

Flagstaff P& Z has three items on their Wednesday agenda. First up will be a review and discussion of the Southside Community Specific Plan. The City of Flagstaff Comprehensive Planning program requests the public and that…

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