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Mayor announces sweeping city closures due to coronavirus

  Monday, March 16, 2020, Mayor Evans announced sweeping mandatory closures to help stop the spread of Covid 19, including restaurants (except for take out/delivery), gyms, theaters, libraries, museums, and many other types of gathering places. …

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Covid 19 spreads while Flagstaff watches and waits: Updated

By Naima Schuller UPDATE: 3/15/2020. Governor Ducey announces, All schools to close until March 30. Harkins Theatres via an email on the evening of Friday, March 13th announced they will be offering two weeks of paid…

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Attention turns to Flagstaff’s pension fund: Mayoral candidates weigh in

By Naima Schuller Senior Meteor Reporter March 6, 2020 Flagstaff  As the City of Flagstaff heads into the budget process for next fiscal year, every City Division is doing so in the red. Greg Clifton, the Flagstaff…

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Arizona education funding may be sent out of state

If a few Arizona senators have their way we could be sending our education tax dollars out of state. Senate Bill 1224 would be the only voucher program that designates money for out of state schools…

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Leaking gas stations around Flagstaff

Recently, a number of gas stations have disappeared from Flagstaff. A couple have been replaced but the rest appear to have been taken out for good. A map provided by ADEQ’s Public Information Officer, Erin Jordan,…

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Little Colorado River Photo Credit: Lisa Winters, Grand Canyon Trust
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Little Colorado River threatened by dams

The Little Colorado River is the focus of two pumped hydro storage power plant proposals that have met with resistance from stakeholders. The proposal creates a total of four dams, adjacent to the Little Colorado River…

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Flagstaff/Red Gap water quality at risk from fracking

Flagstaff   Flagstaff’s future water supply is a target for potentially harmful toxins.  Red Gap Ranch, located 40 miles east of Flagstaff, was purchased in 2005 to ensure Flagstaff has adequate water for the future. Along the…

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Education town hall sheds light on public school funding issues

Flagstaff     The struggle to provide adequate funding for public schools in Arizona has been going on for years. The recession in the early 2000’s created a perfect storm for forces that would undermine funding for…

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Flagstaff 2030: Community vision meeting conducted by Flagstaff Arts Council

Flagstaff   Wednesday night the Flagstaff Arts Council invited the public to explore how to foster a stronger creative economy, what makes Flagstaff unique, and how to promote cultural equity. In January 2019, Jonathan Stone came…

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