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‘Giant first step’: After 14+ hours of votes, Senate approves Covid relief resolution

 With Zero GOP Support “We have the opportunity to give hope to the American people and restore faith in our government by telling them that… we understand the pain that they are experiencing and we are…

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Manchin backs fast track process for Covid-19 relief

‘Pressure Works. And He’s Going to Need a Lot More’ The West Virginia senator also said he opposes raising the federal minimum wage to $15, setting up a potential clash with Sen. Bernie Sanders and other…

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Susan Collins, supporter of $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich, claims $1,400 survival checks not ‘targeted’ enough

“Susan Collins didn’t care so much about the ‘rich people getting more than they need’ issue when it was massive upper income tax cuts on the table.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Monday, January 25, 2021…

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“We’ve let the worst happen”: reflecting on 400,000 dead

A much-needed check-in with health care reporter Caroline Chen as we examine the toll COVID-19 has taken on the country and what to expect from a new president. by Logan Jaffe, ProPubica January 23, 2021 In…

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‘One more check Is not enough’: Ilhan Omar calls on Biden to back recurring direct payments

“We need to provide those struggling and left behind with consistent reliable cash payments during this Covid-19 crisis.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Friday, January 22 Warning that one additional check is nowhere near sufficient to…

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Biden orders on food aid heralded as ‘Most significant anti-hunger actions in modern times’

The expected executive action comes as “families are struggling with food insecurity like never before.” by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Friday, January 21 Social justice organizations and Democratic lawmakers on Friday welcomed President Joe Biden’s expected…

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Biden team says Trump vaccine distribution plan nonexistent — ‘Affirmation of complete incompetence’

“There is nothing for us to rework,” said one of President Biden’s Covid advisers. “We are going to have to build everything from scratch.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Thursday, January 21 In a development that…

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Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan: $400 unemployment boost, $1,400 checks, and billions in additional aid

“Congress should immediately move to pass President-elect Biden’s plan,” said Claire Guzdar of the Groundwork Collaborative. “And we can’t stop there.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Thursday, January 14 With less than a week until he…

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