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Gig work is not a jobs safety net

by Wade Rathke Thursday, September 3, 2020 Pearl River If service work had been the equivalent of a jobs’ “safety net” for workers in many cities and towns in the past, the only replacement available would…

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Major ‘Milestone’ for workers as California judge rules Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees

“This is a resounding victory for thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers who are working hard—and, in this pandemic, incurring risk every day—to provide for their families.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Tuesday, August 11 In…

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Save Lives? Give healthcare workers raises

New Orleans       Hey, bosses of healthcare workers, listen up!  Yo, consumers and families of healthcare services, pay attention to this, like your life is at stake, since for more than half of you over 65,…

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Workers at APM Terminals on Pier 400 in the Port of Los Angeles were among International Longshore and Warehouse members paying tribute to George Floyd Tuesday, June 9, on the day he was laid to rest. (Photo: Robin Doyno via ILWU)
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Longshoremen shut down West Coast ports for Juneteenth: ‘The loudest voice we have’

  “A movement requires sacrifice, and that’s what we’re doing as longshoremen.” by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Juneteenth — Friday, June 19, 2020 Longshoremen and women across the West Coast are set to use “the loudest…

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‘How the Trump White House sees you’: top economic adviser under fire for calling workers ‘human capital stock’

“They’ve always been indifferent to human life. And in the face of mass death, the masks are coming off.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Tuesday, May 26 In a remark critics characterized as further evidence that…

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Home work

Little Rock   There is talk everywhere about “re-opening.” When? How? The “new” normal is a question on everyone’s mind. I find it interesting and curious how much you hear about people working from home. The…

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Betsy DeVos sued for garnishing wages of nearly 300,000 student loan borrowers during pandemic

“The Trump administration is taking money from borrowers who are living on the edge of poverty, in the middle of a pandemic, and in violation of the law.” by Julia Conley, staff writer A home health…

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May Day for workers and the vast army of the unemployed

Pearl River    May Day traditionally has been marked around the world with workers marching under the banners of their unions and labor-friendly political parties. In the USA, Labor Day marks the end of the summer,…

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Workers gear up for major May Day strike in pushback against unsafe conditions amid pandemic

One organizer explained that the goal is to “push back with large numbers against the right-wing groups that want to risk our lives by reopening the economy.” by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Workers at some of…

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Thinking of workers in the time of pandemic on the eve of May Day 2020

by Wade Rathke New Orleans     Today, I’m sharing a guest piece that I contributed to the Working-Class Perspectives series on the even of May Day and during a difficult time for workers around the world….

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