A temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints outside Salt Lake City
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Utah makes welfare so hard to get, some feel they must join the LDS church to get aid

Utah’s safety net for the poor is so intertwined with the LDS Church that individual bishops often decide who receives assistance. Some deny help unless a person goes to services or gets baptized. by Eli Hager,…

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The pandemic has made it harder for one in three Americans to obtain healthy, affordable food

by Sheril Kirshenbaum, Michigan State University and Douglas Buhler, Michigan State University October 26, 2021 COVID-19 has made food access more challenging for many communities. In Michigan State University’s Fall 2021 Food Literacy and Engagement Poll,…

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Report: ‘Child care deserts’ hit poor, rural Arizona families hardest

By Olivia Munson  Cronkite News Friday, January 8, 2021 Washington, DC     Arizona has 304,180 infants and toddlers who need child care but only 234,270 slots to accommodate them, with poor and rural families most likely…

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Progressive push for $2,000 checks in Georgia shows bold, universal policies winning strategy for Democrats

“In almost every respect, the campaigns that Warnock and Ossoff ran were closer to what progressives counseled than what moderates have counseled.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Wednesday, January 6, 2021 Rev. Raphael Warnock’s electoral victory…

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‘Yes, exactly,’ say progressives after Pence warns Democrats will ‘make rich poorer and poor more comfortable’

“You have to be all sorts of twisted to think ‘making poor people more comfortable’ is a bad thing.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Wednesday, December 23, 2020 The grassroots organization People for Bernie on Tuesday…

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Shoplifting of essentials on rise as millions struggle to feed families

“This state of austerity is an artificial cruelty designed to redistribute wealth, enrich the obscenely wealthy, and keep us under the thumb of employers and politicians.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Thursday, December 10, 2020 With…

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‘Pandemic profits’ of billionaires could fully fund $3,000 stimulus checks for every person in US

“America’s billionaires could pay for a major Covid relief bill and still not lose a dime of their pre-virus riches.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Wednesday, December 9 America’s 651 billionaires have gained so much wealth…

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Sanders opposed to relief plan that gives ‘no financial help’ to tens of millions of people

“Given the enormous economic desperation facing working families in this country today, I will not be able to support the recently announced Manchin-Romney Covid proposal unless it is significantly improved.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Friday,…

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Low-income voters showed up for Biden. Now they need relief.

People didn’t turn out in record numbers in a pandemic to vote for a return to normal. By Sarah Anderson, Margot Rathke November 12, 2020 Joe Biden is headed to the White House, and he has…

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Judge strikes down Trump effort to slash food stamps for 700,000 Americans

Victory for ‘Basic Human Decency’ “There’s a lot of competition for Vilest Policy Ever, but slashing food stamps during a pandemic that’s causing massive unemployment is way, way up there.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Monday,…

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3 in 4 Americans—including 55% of Republicans—want Senate GOP to prioritize Covid-19 relief over ramming through Coney Barrett

“Trump’s Senate allies are doing everything they can to ensure Trump’s pick for the high court moves swiftly through the approvals process. Where has this urgency been as Americans have languished for weeks without new coronavirus…

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Debt collectors have made a fortune this year. Now they’re coming for more.

After a pause for the pandemic, debt buyers are back in the courts, suing debtors by the thousands. by Paul Kiel and Jeff Ernsthausen Earlier this year, the pandemic swept across the country, killing 100,000 Americans…

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In address on inequality amid pandemic, Pope calls on global community to confront ‘destructive effects of empire of money’

“Anyone who thinks that the only lesson to be learned was the need to improve what we were already doing, or to refine existing systems and regulations, is denying reality.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Sunday,…

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Rich mostly fine but poorest ‘completely crushed’ after Covid-19 triggered ‘most unequal’ recession in modern US history

A new analysis by the Washington Post found that the coronavirus recession has eliminated low-wage jobs at around eight times the rate of high-wage jobs. by Jake Johnson, staff writer Thursday, October 1 While the ongoing…

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McConnell quietly rams through more lifetime Trump judges while blocking Covid relief

“It’s outrageous that McConnell continues to prioritize the Trump court takeover amid the pandemic. Enough.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Wednesday, September 16 As Covid-19 relief for jobless and hungry Americans, collapsing small businesses, and state…

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Can democracy work for the poor?

by Wade Rathke Thursday, September 10, 2020 New Orleans   We can answer the question of whether or not democracy can work for the poor, or we can ask why democracies are failing the poor? Either…

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Gig work is not a jobs safety net

by Wade Rathke Thursday, September 3, 2020 Pearl River If service work had been the equivalent of a jobs’ “safety net” for workers in many cities and towns in the past, the only replacement available would…

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The disappearance of service industry safety net jobs

New Orleans     Perhaps the most dependable host on WAMF, our low power non-commercial radio station in New Orleans, has been a product representative for a fine local distillery in the city.  Her show every Tuesday…

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Philadelphians rallied at City Hall before taking to the streets to demand Congress return and come to a deal on unemployment and other relief measures on August 20, 2020. (Screencapture from photo by Cory Clark/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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Number of unemployed people struggling to cover basic needs has nearly doubled since GOP killed $600 Federal boost

While Senate Republicans push for a “skinny” coronavirus relief bill, half of jobless Americans couldn’t pay for basic expenses in August, up from 27% in July. by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Wednesday, September 2 After Senate…

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McConnell adjourns Senate for month-long recess without deal on Coronavirus relief, advances judges

‘Morally Obscene,’ Says Sanders “During the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans think they can take a long vacation while millions of Americans face hunger and eviction.” by Jake Johnson, staff…

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Dreamers’ Children: Up to 200,000 American kids could be left parentless

In his continued attacks on DACA and TPS beneficiaries, Trump aims to create a dramatic influx of children into the child welfare system. by Robin Valenzuela Thursday, August 6 In 2013, undocumented immigrant Alicia Chávez (not…

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President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump taking questions about the Paycheck Protection Program with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on April 28. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)
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Anger with GOP growing as $600 unemployment benefit ends

“They’re Playing With Us” “All our government wants is money in their pockets, while the people are poor and starving and scrounging.” by Eoin Higgins, staff writer Saturday. August 1 Americans angry with inaction from Senate…

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Sanders rips GOP plan to subsidize business meals as children go hungry

‘Pathetic Would Be Too Mild a Word’ “Millions of families in this country are facing hunger; there’s not an additional nickel in their package for nutrition programs for children or for working people.” by Jake Johnson,…

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GOP proposes legal immunity for corporations, $0 in funding for states, and deep cuts to unemployment benefits

“Republicans have wasted months coming up with a proposal that, remarkably, would make the pandemic and economic pain even worse—especially a corporate immunity provision that would be a literal death sentence to countless Americans.” by Jake…

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