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Customers hate tipping before they’re served

 – and asking makes them less likely to return Nathan B. Warren, University of Oregon and Sara Hanson, University of Richmond Imagine you’re in line at a coffee shop. You order your usual cappuccino and swipe…

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Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Adventures: Episode 10: Time Out!
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The Outer Space Adventures of Mary Farfisa – ep 10 – Time Out!

TIME OUT! – The perky Mary Farfisa and the petulant Jayne Sarrah! are forced to endure each other’s company in this interstellar tale of mistaken identity. A children’s radio series written and produced by Jim Cheff….

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Come, My Fanatics: Kaufman at it for 25 years

Flagstaff    There’s a “Dirty” Steve Kaufman in every town.  The kind of true believer in underground music who has spent decades working tirelessly to bring obscure and not-so obscure bands from around the country into…

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Mary Farfisa is back!

Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Adventures is a series of radio plays written and produced in Flagstaff by Jim Cheff for children. With 40 complete half-hour episodes in the can the Meteor will be home to the…

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Adventures of Mary Farfisa, Space Girl: Episode 3, The Ballad of Mary Farfisa

Episode 3: THE BALLAD OF MARY FARFISA – A children’s radio series, episode 3, in which Briscoe tells the story of how Mary Farfisa became an audio wrangler, after her parents are accidentally lost somewhere amongst…

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