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ACLU lawsuit accuses police in Minnesota of ‘targeting and attacking journalists’ covering George Floyd protests

“We are facing a full-scale assault on the First Amendment freedom of the press,” said an ACLU attorney. “We will not let these official abuses go unanswered.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Wednesday, June 3 The…

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This Treasury official Is running the bailout. It’s been great for his family.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Justin Muzinich has an increasingly prominent role. He still has ties to his family’s investment firm, which is a major beneficiary of the Treasury’s bailout actions. by Justin Elliott, Lydia DePillis and Robert…

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“Immune to Evidence”: How dangerous Coronavirus conspiracies spread

Conspiratorial videos and websites about COVID-19 are going viral. Here’s how one of the authors of “The Conspiracy Theory Handbook” says you can fight back. One big takeaway: Focus your efforts on people who can hear…

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‘Reopen’ protest movement created, boosted by fake grassroots tactics

by  Marc Ambinder, University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism Many Americans have been under strict stay-at-home orders, or at least advisories, for more than a month. People are frustrated and depressed, but…

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Pandemic challenges ad-based business models

New Orleans   One of the stark realities undergirding a number of industries that has been vividly exposed during the current coronavirus pandemic is the fragility of advertising-based business models that actually power tech giants and…

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What makes something ironic?

If only there were one that fit. Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images By Roger J. Kreuz, University of Memphis Have you ever found yourself about to say, “that’s ironic,” only to stop yourself – unsure…

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I lived through SARS and reported on Ebola. These are the questions we should be asking about coronavirus.

For concerned civilians and journalists covering the coronavirus, the figures and projections can be overwhelming, frightening or confusing. Here’s what reporter Caroline Chen is focusing on to keep things as accurate and clear as possible. by…

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Trump White House bars press rom filming or recording coronavirus briefing

“We need transparency. Instead we are getting this.”       by Jake Johnson, staff writer, Common Dreams Wednesday, March 04, 2020 The Trump administration on Tuesday barred the media from filming or recording audio of…

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Democratic Party Dinosaurs have seen the Meteor, and it’s coming from Vermont

By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout February 23, 2020 The Berniegeddon is upon us! It’s France falling to the Nazis in World War II! It’s the Russians! It’s the end of everything! Flee! Flee for your lives!…

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