Joy Harjo, poet laureate of the United States, has just begun her third term. (Photo by Shawn Miller/Library of Congress)
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First Native American poet laureate begins third term, releases a memoir

“Sometimes on a bad day I think nothing’s changed at all,” Harjo said. “And then other times because I have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and ultimately they’re all our children. When I look in…

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From grandfather to grandson, the lessons of the Tulsa race massacre

“More than 1,000 businesses and homes were burned to the ground, scores of black families were herded into cattle pens at the fairgrounds, and one of the largest and most prosperous black communities in the United…

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The Decameron: How the rich reacted to the bubonic plague has eerie similarities to today’s pandemic

Franz Xavier Winterhalter’s ‘The Decameron’ (1837). Heritage Images via Getty Images Kathryn McKinley, University of Maryland, Baltimore County The coronavirus can infect anyone, but recent reporting has shown your socioeconomic status can play a big role,…

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What makes something ironic?

If only there were one that fit. Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images By Roger J. Kreuz, University of Memphis Have you ever found yourself about to say, “that’s ironic,” only to stop yourself – unsure…

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This is a powerful day.

This is nice enough for a winter day. The meek December Sun lies off to the southwest. I stand on the moist earth of this “property” I have found myself on. I have drifted from Chaos…

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George Breed
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Silence Whispers

We started as a whisper. Some of our tribe say it was a Big Bang. The adolescent males of our group, the ones who like explosive release, named it this. The Big Bang. The Big Bangers…

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