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After a year of investigation, the Border Patrol has little to say about agents’ misogynistic and racist Facebook group

The Border Patrol vowed a full accounting after ProPublica revealed hateful posts in the private Facebook group. Now congressional investigators say the agency is blocking them and revealing little about its internal investigation. by A.C. Thompson…

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Demonstrators face police armed with military equipment at a recent racial justice protest. (Photo: Amnesty International USA)
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Amnesty International report details human rights violations by US police during racial justice protests

‘The World Is Watching’ The use of force detailed in the report “is ultimately a symptom of the very issue that started these protests: unaccountable police violence.” by Julia Conley, staff writer In a report titled…

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Community activists/ watch dogs demand senate reject Trump’s pick to manage US public lands

300+ Groups: ‘Worst possible person’   “When a nominee is clearly unfit for a position, it is the Senate’s constitutional and moral duty to reject the nomination.” by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Monday, August 3 Over…

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Wildfires can poison drinking water – here’s how communities can be better prepared

The Camp Fire inferno spread at a speed of one football field per second, chasing everyone – including water system operators – out of town. The 2018 Camp Fire north of Sacramento burned everything in its…

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Mnuchin uses debunked GOP talking point to justify slashing $600 unemployment boost

The Millionaire Treasury Secretary is “Inflicting suffering on tens of millions of Americans by cutting unemployment benefits because of an anecdotal ‘some cases’ argument that has been refuted again and again is a stupid way to make…

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Trump proclaims Nevada has made it ‘impossible’ for GOP to win by expanding Voting Rights during pandemic

“Trump and his allies have always been motivated by partisanship, even at the expense of American lives.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Monday, August 3 In a Monday morning tweet attacking Nevada’s proposed expansion of mail-in…

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Maricopa County announces closing of 78 polling places

Scott Jarrett, Director of Day of Elections for Maricopa County in Arizona, walks off stage after announcing the plan to close a third of polling locations. 78 Polling places close, from 229 to 151 throughout the…

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Flagstaff High School Native American Club calls to rename the SF Peaks

By Trissdyn Nez Flagstaff, Arizona- The Native American Club at Flagstaff High School will be speaking at Flagstaff High School in the Multicultural Room (Room 701) at 7:30am on March 11th, 2020. Students from the indigenous…

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Council members contemplate zoning changes

On the Flagstaff City Council work session agenda this week is a discussion contemplating the possibilities of once again changing the process for council pay raises and discussing a request from Council-member Charlie Odegaard to look…

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Journalists of Color: Apply for ProPublica’s Emerging Reporters Program

Are you a college student of color interested in doing great journalism? ProPublica wants to help. Apply for our Emerging Reporters Program by Aug. 20. by ProPublica July 30 What is ProPublica’s Emerging Reporters Program? The…

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Commemorative flags at City Hall

The Council is considering adopting a city policy regarding special flags in front of City Hall.  Stating that “the City’s flagpoles (permanent or temporary) are not intended to serve as a forum for free expression of…

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Inmate dies in custody of Coconino County Sheriff’s Department. ‘Medical emergency’ while in transport

Meteor staff reporting Friday, July 31, 5-PM MST The Coconino County Sheriff’s department has released a statement concerning today’s (Friday, July 31) inmate death “On Friday July 31, 2020, at approximately 2:11 pm, an inmate from…

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Rathke: Honduras is a country at the crossroads

Oct 26, 2019 San Pedro Sula           There’s no agreement in Honduras about much except the fact that the economy continues lagging and unemployment is acute, government is inept, and corruption is rampant.  Getting specifics past these…

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Demands for Kushner to resign over testing scheme that put politics before public health

‘Staggering’ Level of ‘Depravity’ “Holy hell. Jared Kushner reportedly abandoned a national testing plan because it was *politically advantageous* to sit back and let blue states be eviscerated by the virus.” by Jon Queally, staff writer…

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Senate departs for 3-day weekend as unemployment benefits expire for 30 million

“Tens of millions of Americans on the brink of eviction and food insecurity and the Senate just left for yet another 3-day weekend.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Friday, July 31 The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate has…

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Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, Oregon, on Monday night. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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Portland protesters no longer being banned from attending protests to win release from jail

After a ProPublica report, federal prosecutors and defenders made a joint request to the court that the practice be stopped. by Dara Lind July 30, 1:20 p.m. MST Federal defenders and prosecutors in Portland, Oregon, have…

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Sunset before Earthquake off the coast of Ponce.

Puerto Rican earthquakes

Ponce We hadn’t been to Puerto Rico over the last fifteen years. Tickets were too pricey to Mexico and Columbia, so why not see how they have come through the recovery from Hurricane Maria, touch base…

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Rathke: Georgia voter purge begins early, but why purges?

New Orleans        We knew it was coming.  When the American Voters Project combined with ACORN International and Labor Neighbor Research and Action Project to create the Voter Purge Project one of our first conversations was…

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Obama eulogy for John Lewis includes powerful call for Americans to rise up for Voting Rights

“That seemed to me to be the most explicitly political Obama has been in his post-presidency.” by Eoin Higgins, staff writer Thursday, July 30, 2020 Former President Barack Obama on Thursday in a fiery eulogy of…

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Surprising UK election outcome – people want to organize

Fort Lauderdale         The voters came out from under the rocks and jumped over the hedgerows to vote for the Conservatives behind weird and wacky Boris Johnson in the recent snap election in Britain.  Labour took a…

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Rathke: There’s No App for Child Care Deserts

New Orleans       When I hit a dead spot where I can’t listen to WAMF 90.3, our community radio station in New Orleans, I will switch for a minute or two to the stations to the…

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Rathke: Protest by the powerless…congressmen

“The cap is off of that bottle! We’re now in the land of “no limits,” even in the halls of Congress. Everybody is ready to throw it up against the wall!”

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Economic recovery sputters as benefits expire, GOP takes heat

“Enhanced unemployment insurance benefits expire tomorrow because congressional Republicans failed to extend them. ‘Malpractice’ is far too weak a word for this epic, cruel failure.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer On May 11, Senate Majority Leader…

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Did you pay to use TurboTax? How to help hold the tax prep industry accountable.

Readers have helped us figure out exactly how TurboTax maker Intuit and other companies make money off taxpayers. We want to hear more. by Ariana Tobin, Justin Elliott, and Meg Marco May 14, 2:40 p.m. EDT…

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