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1 Million+ people in less than 3 days sign petition demanding RBG seat not be filled until 2021

Ginsburg’s dying wish was that her Supreme Court seat not be filled until a new president was installed. “With less than 50 days until the election and voting already underway in many states, it’s important that…

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DOJ designates New York, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions’

“Impeach Barr” “This is not just unlawful but it’s also a prime example of this president’s failed leadership and desperation,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal said of the DOJ designations. by Brett Wilkins, staff writer Monday, September 21…

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Demands for answers as CDC abruptly deletes guidance on airborne spread of coronavirus

“Very likely a scandal.” We need an explanation. Is there more political interference at play?” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Monday, September 21 Experts and lawmakers are demanding answers and warning of further political meddling at…

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Dems pressured to ‘pick a fight for once’ over RBG seat as Collins and Murkowski oppose pre-election vote

“To pretend that norms will constrain Trump or McConnell would be folly, yes. But for Democrats, the media, and the public to concede the ground in advance is to do their dirty work for them.” by…

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Trump says he Is ‘Counting on the Federal Court System’ to declare winner on Election Night—before many ballots are tallied

“This is an open admission that Trump hopes to use the Supreme Court to steal the election.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Monday, September 21 President Donald Trump said during a campaign rally over the weekend…

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Early AM protest outside Lindsey Graham’s home over RBG replacement

‘He Told Us to Use His Words Against Him’ “In the spirit of RBG, we will not allow a double standard in how our Congress deals with late-term Supreme Court appointments.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer…

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Foreign Masks, Fear and a Fake Certification: Staff at CSL Plasma Say Conditions at Donation Centers Aren’t Safe

Trump’s FDA authorized emergency use of plasma therapy for COVID-19, despite a lack of proof that it saves lives. Staff at CSL Plasma, an industry leader, raised alarms about faulty masks as donors flooded in, but…

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Maricopa County announces closing of 78 polling places

Scott Jarrett, Director of Day of Elections for Maricopa County in Arizona, walks off stage after announcing the plan to close a third of polling locations. 78 Polling places close, from 229 to 151 throughout the…

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Flagstaff High School Native American Club calls to rename the SF Peaks

By Trissdyn Nez Flagstaff, Arizona- The Native American Club at Flagstaff High School will be speaking at Flagstaff High School in the Multicultural Room (Room 701) at 7:30am on March 11th, 2020. Students from the indigenous…

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US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ‘advocate for equality and reason,’ dead at 87

On her deathbed, she told her granddaughter: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Friday, September 18, 2020 This is a…

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Council members contemplate zoning changes

On the Flagstaff City Council work session agenda this week is a discussion contemplating the possibilities of once again changing the process for council pay raises and discussing a request from Council-member Charlie Odegaard to look…

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Commemorative flags at City Hall

The Council is considering adopting a city policy regarding special flags in front of City Hall.  Stating that “the City’s flagpoles (permanent or temporary) are not intended to serve as a forum for free expression of…

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Rathke: Honduras is a country at the crossroads

Oct 26, 2019 San Pedro Sula           There’s no agreement in Honduras about much except the fact that the economy continues lagging and unemployment is acute, government is inept, and corruption is rampant.  Getting specifics past these…

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It’s tough to tell COVID from smoke inhalation symptoms — and flu season’s coming

by   Mark Kreidler,  KHN September 16, 2020 The patients walk into Dr. Melissa Marshall’s community clinics in Northern California with the telltale symptoms. They’re having trouble breathing. It may even hurt to inhale. They’ve got…

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Sanders and Gillibrand unveil Postal Banking Act: to provide public alternative to ‘predatory’ Wall Street banks

The new legislation, according to Sanders’ office, would help “families generate savings, wealth, and credit, while bringing millions of American workers into a more fair banking system.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Thursday, September 17 With…

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Sunset before Earthquake off the coast of Ponce.

Puerto Rican earthquakes

Ponce We hadn’t been to Puerto Rico over the last fifteen years. Tickets were too pricey to Mexico and Columbia, so why not see how they have come through the recovery from Hurricane Maria, touch base…

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Rathke: Georgia voter purge begins early, but why purges?

New Orleans        We knew it was coming.  When the American Voters Project combined with ACORN International and Labor Neighbor Research and Action Project to create the Voter Purge Project one of our first conversations was…

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Surprising UK election outcome – people want to organize

Fort Lauderdale         The voters came out from under the rocks and jumped over the hedgerows to vote for the Conservatives behind weird and wacky Boris Johnson in the recent snap election in Britain.  Labour took a…

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Rathke: There’s No App for Child Care Deserts

New Orleans       When I hit a dead spot where I can’t listen to WAMF 90.3, our community radio station in New Orleans, I will switch for a minute or two to the stations to the…

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Rathke: Protest by the powerless…congressmen

“The cap is off of that bottle! We’re now in the land of “no limits,” even in the halls of Congress. Everybody is ready to throw it up against the wall!”

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Landslide vote by nurses in North Carolina delivers biggest hospital unionization win in US South in 45 years

“I’m so grateful this victory will allow us to be better advocates for our community,” one nurse said. by Lisa Newcomb, staff writer Thursday, September 17 In what advocates are calling the biggest union victory at…

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Did you pay to use TurboTax? How to help hold the tax prep industry accountable.

Readers have helped us figure out exactly how TurboTax maker Intuit and other companies make money off taxpayers. We want to hear more. by Ariana Tobin, Justin Elliott, and Meg Marco May 14, 2:40 p.m. EDT…

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Rathke: Lessons from the South for 2020

New Orleans      It may be too early to make a definitive list of lessons learned from the off-year elections in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky, but the one thing that seems crystal clear is that the…

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Global coalition invites progressives worldwide to attend inaugural summit

‘Internationalism or Extinction’?  “The Progressive International is convening this emergency summit… to map our current crisis, to reclaim our shared future, and to strengthen our planetary front to do so.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer From…

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