One World “We Are One” video

Introduction by Taboo We can find unity in our diversity ✊? I am proud to partner IllumiNative and Mag 7 for the release of “We Are One,” a collaboration to show the richness, diversity, and beauty…

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Navajo health workers and sisters Corrina and Cheryl Thinn died weeks apart of COVID-19 in April. (The Thinn family)
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Two Navajo sisters who were inseparable died of COVID just weeks apart

by  Shoshana Dubnow August 26, 2020 Cheryl and Corrina Thinn were almost joined at the hip. The sisters, both members of the Navajo Nation, shared an office at Arizona’s Tuba City Regional Health Care. Cheryl conducted…

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We are Light and Shadow

by George Breed This morning I read an excerpt from “Temple and Contemplation” by Henry Corbin, that wonderful master of languages and translations (English, French, Arabic) and cross-spiritual shaman epistemologist; frequent presenter at Jung’s Eranos conferences…

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Tony Gonzales, director of AIM West, interviews Buffy Sainte Marie in San Francisco for his television program 'Eagle and Condor,' on Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco Commons aired on Sundays each week 4 to 5 pm. Buffy performed during November as the 50th Anniversary of the Occupation of Alcatraz was underway. Screenshot by Censored News.
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Buffy Sainte Marie: Truthtelling indigenous genocide

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News San Francisco — Buffy Sainte Marie says the truth must be told of the genocide of Indigenous Peoples, with the facts of the murder, slavery and rape that European kings and queens,…

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George Breed
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Silence Whispers

We started as a whisper. Some of our tribe say it was a Big Bang. The adolescent males of our group, the ones who like explosive release, named it this. The Big Bang. The Big Bangers…

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Driving north to Diné bi keyah

Diné bi keyah  Do’ko’os’łííd is dressed in her winter splendor this morning. We drive north skirting the western edges of Driving north to Diné bi keyah (Diné homeland) thru Cameron and over the little Colorado River. Leaving…

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George Breed
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Ancestors stare through my eyes Some call it moods or Mercury in retrograde or chakras flashing I know better Ancestors peer through my eyes The Neanderthal I know well We are of long acquaintance The wooly…

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Flagstaff 2030: Community vision meeting conducted by Flagstaff Arts Council

Flagstaff   Wednesday night the Flagstaff Arts Council invited the public to explore how to foster a stronger creative economy, what makes Flagstaff unique, and how to promote cultural equity. In January 2019, Jonathan Stone came…

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Come, My Fanatics: Kaufman at it for 25 years

Flagstaff    There’s a “Dirty” Steve Kaufman in every town.  The kind of true believer in underground music who has spent decades working tirelessly to bring obscure and not-so obscure bands from around the country into…

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