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Progressive push for $2,000 checks in Georgia shows bold, universal policies winning strategy for Democrats

“In almost every respect, the campaigns that Warnock and Ossoff ran were closer to what progressives counseled than what moderates have counseled.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Wednesday, January 6, 2021 Rev. Raphael Warnock’s electoral victory…

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Georgia, ground zero for the Senate

by Wade Rathke November 13, 2020 Atlanta   It took five hours and half a tank of gas for me and two organizers for the ACORN Tenants Union in Atlanta to visit more than a dozen apartment…

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With control of Senate at stake, eyes on Georgia with possibly two races headed for runoff

As races tighten for Democrats in the now crucial state, which party controls the U.S. Senate might not be known until January. by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Thursday, November 5 As vote tabulation continues in several…

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Polling shows Trump’s Secret Police in Portland — and GOP lawmaker complicity — could have 2020 consequences

MoveOn says voters are “fed up” with GOP senators from the battleground states of Arizona, Maine, and North Carolina “carrying water for him as he trundles toward authoritarianism.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Friday, July 24…

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In Arizona race, McSally makes health care pledge at odds with track record

“Of course I will always protect those with preexisting conditions. Always,” — McSally in a TV ad released June 22. Martha McSally, who was appointed by the governor to take over John McCain’s Senate seat in…

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