Raytheon Technologies is the world's fourth-largest seller of weapons. (Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
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Saying ‘peace not going to break out… anytime soon,’ Raytheon CEO sees ‘solid growth’ in Middle East

The head of the world’s fourth-biggest arms maker showed no concern that the Saudis can’t buy his bombs—for now. by Brett Wilkins, staff writer Thursday, January 28, 2021 Sixty years to the month after President Dwight…

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A protester raises her hands near a line of National Guard soldiers deployed near the White House on June 1, 2020. (Photo: Roberto Schmidt)
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US Military confirms bayonets were issued to troops responding to George Floyd protests

“It is insane to issue bayonets to soldiers for crowd control.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Friday, July 3 “Are they supposed to stab protesters?” That was Rep. Ted Lieu’s (D-Calif.) response Thursday to a letter…

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‘Light Em Up’: Warrior cops when the wars come home

America’s forever wars in distant lands have now come home. by William Astore Monday, June 8 From their front porches, regular citizens watched a cordon of cops sweep down their peaceful street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rankled…

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“When They Say We Don’t Have the Right to Protest,” Says Naomi Klein, “That’s the Moment to Flood the Streets”

As Trump declares “law and order” clampdown against peaceful demonstrations, author and activist reminds people of most important lesson she’s learned studying history of shock doctrine tactics. by Jon Queally, staff writer Thursday, June 4 Amid…

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Trump Condemned as Busloads of US Soldiers Arrive in Nation’s capital: ‘What authoritarianism looks like’

“The numbers of U.S. military security forces in D.C. right now is just ridiculous. This is pure intimidation. Trump is very afraid. The longer we stay in the streets, the more frightened he gets.”   by…

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Senator unveils plan to bar use of US Military force against protesters

‘We Need to Put Guardrails in Place’ “I thought that would seem obvious to everyone. But as we take up the NDAA next week, I’m going to be pushing to ensure the president can’t treat the…

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‘Do the right thing’: veterans call on National Guard members to refuse to deploy against protesters

Over 17,000 Guard members have been “activated for civil unrest” in 23 states and Washington, D.C.   “It is asinine for a rich man hiding in a bunker to ask these troops, most of whom probably…

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Militarization has fostered a policing culture that sets up protesters as ‘the enemy’

Teaching cops to think like soldiers and learn how to kill has been part of a training program popular among some police officers. Sheriffs deputies in riot gear move in on protesters in Los Angeles, California….

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Warnings of domestic military threat as top US General walks DC streets in combat fatigues

‘This Isn’t a Healthy Democracy’ “The commander of the joint chiefs is surveying the streets of D.C. in uniform like he’s planning a military assault.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Tuesday, June 2 Why was U.S….

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After discovering a sailor with coronavirus, the U.S. Navy crowded dozens Into one room

On the USS Boxer, where the Navy discovered its first case of coronavirus on a ship, a sailor says his superiors called a meeting that crammed more than 80 senior enlisted sailors and officers together. by…

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