Tuesday’s council agenda: City/ADOT land exchange, liquor licenses, salary increases…

As part of the Rio flood control project the City is considering  a land swap with ADOT. The Route 66 bridge over the Rio de Flag by City Hall is due for replacement, the city wants to add a FUTS trail passageway, and the Army Corps of Engineers plans to do work on the Rio channel as it passes by City Hall and under Rt 66.

The proposed ordinance will authorize the temporary transfer of Flagstaff city property to ADOT for the Route 66 Bridge Replacement Project and in exchange the City of Flagstaff will receive property from ADOT for the Soliere Avenue Water Transmission Main Project plus $173,395 cash.

Parking of construction equipment on lawn

For the project, ADOT seeks to acquire 3,460 square feet of property including a section of lawn  located in the area of the City Hall south lawn adjacent to east Route 66, and a 20,240 square foot temporary construction easement. ADOT access to the lawn seems necessary for the parking of construction equipment and materials necessary for the construction of the project. The work includes excavation and backfill of the channel for these future projects.

In addition to the cash payment the city will receive 4,716 square feet of right-of-way adjacent to Soliere Avenue from ADOT

According to city staff, the city will incur costs for restoration of the lawn area after construction is complete, but the value of the current lawn was taken into account as part of the compensation being paid by ADOT to City.

Staff says the City and ADOT each will receive substantially equal value as part of the exchange.

The property acquired from ADOT will be used to relocate an existing pressure reducing station located on the north side of I-40, to the south side of I-40.

The Soliere Avenue Water Transmission Main Project is preparing plans for a new 12″ Zone “B” water transmission main. The new pipe will provide a second source of water for development east of I-40 and Butler Avenue, and will include the future Canyon Del Rio Subdivision which is currently serviced by a single source of water.

The new transmission main will provide the required water flows for domestic and fire services for the area. The new transmission main will start at the intersection of Soliere Avenue at Elk Run Street and extend down Soliere Avenue to the intersection of 4th Street and Sparrow Avenue. The property acquired from ADOT will be used to relocate an existing pressure reducing station located on the north side of I-40, to the south side of I-40, that provides a lower water pressure to the Zone “C” Continental Country Club area and will be the point of connection to the Zone “B” water system for the new transmission main.

ADOT obtained the appraisal used for the value amounts in this story.

Lobbying State & Feds

The Council will also vote on the direction they provide to the lobbyists hired by the city to represent the City of Flagstaff’s interests at the AZ State Legislature, the United States Congress, and various government agencies.

2020 Intergovernmental Priorities will provide Staff, State Lobbyist Todd Madeksza, and Federal Lobbyist Bob Holmes with substantive direction to guide their work through the 2020 legislative session. The 2020 Intergovernmental Priorities are divided into State and Federal priorities.

A draft version of the 2020 Intergovernmental Priorities was presented to Council on November 19, 2019. The above linked documents represent revised versions of the 2020 state and federal intergovernmental priorities. Highlighted text represents changes made from the version presented on November 19, 2019.

Liquor License

Grand Canyon Beverage Distributor is a new business in Flagstaff has applied for an alcohol distributorship; if approved, it will be the 6th active series 04 license in Flagstaff. A Series 04 license allows a wholesaler to warehouse, sell and distribute all types of spirituous liquor (beer, wine, distilled spirits) to Arizona-licensed retailers.  Series 04 liquor licenses are a non-quota license.

The Police and Community Development divisions have reviewed the application and have recommended approval.

Council wants to ask for salary increases

During the October 22, 2019 Council meeting, the City Council gave staff direction to recommend how to amend the section of code that sets council and mayor salary schemes (City Code Section 1-07-001-0005, Salaries,) to increase the number of members of Citizen Commission. that makes recommendations related to potential City Council salary adjustment(s) by including two community members who are Human Resource professionals and two community members at large, in addition to the five commissioners already on the Citizen Commission under existing City Code.  The Council expressed a desire for the City Manager to convene the Citizen’s Commission at the request of the majority of Council rather than waiting every four years.  The potential amendments…

Currently the salaries and benefits for Mayor and Council are budgeted.  If the potential amendments are adopted in the proposed ordinance and if the Citizen’s Commission recommends a change in the compensation package for Mayor and/or Council, a revised budget request would be submitted as part of the fiscal year budgeting process.

A little history

The Citizen Commission responsible for determining council and mayor salaries met on December of 2017 to discuss contemporary and future Council salaries.  Sometime afterward a system for determining salaries was devised and a recommendation was made by the Citizens Commission and presented to City Council in the form of an ordinance six months later, in June of 2018. 

Ordinance 2018-25 was approved during the second read that July, setting the current salary scheme, the compensation of the Mayor and Council members, the membership of the Citizens Commission, the addition of a public meeting to obtain community comments on recommendations, an increase to travel allowances and clarification relating to insurance and salary adjustments. 

Also that July the City Council considered some additional changes to the Flagstaff City Code on Council Salaries  in relation to how often the Citizens Commission reviews the annual salary of the Mayor and Council members and the ability for Council to request the Citizen Commission reconsider its recommendation, but those changes failed for lack of a motion during the September 4, 2018 Council meeting. 

Then this past August, Mayor Evans requested a FAIR (Future Agenda Item Request) on August 21, 2019 to discuss a text amendment to City Code allowing Council Salaries to be considered by Council earlier than what is currently stated.  This was supported by four Council members on October 8, 2019 and added to this weeks council agenda.

Commemorative flags at City Hall up to Council & Mayor

The Council is considering adopting a city policy regarding special flags in front of City Hall.  Stating that “the City’s flagpoles (permanent or temporary) are not intended to serve as a forum for free expression of the public, but rather for the display of Federal, State, the POW-MIA Flag, the City Flag, and a maximum of two commemorative flags per month.”

Under the policy the City Council may display on a temporary pole one commemorative flag per month, but in no event would they display more than two commemorative flags per month (to be displayed separately – the first commemorative flag for the first half of the month, and the second commemorative flag for the second half of the month), for the ensuing year as determined by the City Council. Authorization by the City Council to display commemorative flags under such a policy may occur in one annual resolution only of the City Council, to be considered and potentially adopted in December of each year as an expression of the City’s official sentiments.

The schedule Council and Mayor is proposed for 2020 is linked here…


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