Sihasin w/Cody Blackbird Band & Scotty and Mary


Fresh of their wins at the NAMMYS

From left: Caleb Blackbird, Cody Blackbird(Cody Blackbird Band), John Gourley and Zachary Carothers (Portugal The Man). (Submitted photo)

2019 Native American Music Award Winners for Best Rock Recording, Sihasin and 2019 Native American Music Awards Group of The Year, The Cody Blackbird Band will join with other local native musicians, Mary and Scottie, Neci Nite and Rikat Structure for an evening of music “In celebration of Indigenopus existence after 528 years of Resistance”


Firecreek Coffee Company is hosting a night of very special music; music that doesn’t get the mainstream or often even the DIY recognition that other bands take for granted; music that is varied and catchy, and intense and soft and hardcore and runs the gamut; music by indigenous bands and musicians. An Evening of Indigenous Music features Sihasin, made up of brother and sister Jeneda and Clayson Benally of Blackfire from the Navajo Nation. The two have long created their own brand of music with brass and drums, protesting environmental and human rights abuses against their tribe and culture. Sihasin is fresh off their win for best rock recording at the NAMMYS 2019 Native American Music Awards. The Cody Blackbird Band, which just won rock group of the year at the same ceremony, will also be playing. Cody Blackbird is of Eastern Band Cherokee, and Roma descent and the son of Thomas Blackbird, an accomplished American Indian Cowboy poet who traveled the country. “Cody often accompanied his father, laying the foundation for his love of music and the road,” his bio reads. The two bands will be joined by local musicians, including Mary and Scottie, Neci Nite and Rikat Structure. This will be an evening of music “in celebration of Indigenous existence after 528 years of resistance.”

The Show will take place at Firecreek Coffee Co in Flagstaff, AZ November 15th at 8pm, doors open at 7:30 and tickets are $10 Children 13 and under are free.$10 kids under 13 free

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