Commemorative flags at City Hall

The Council is considering adopting a city policy regarding special flags in front of City Hall.  Stating that “the City’s flagpoles (permanent or temporary) are not intended to serve as a forum for free expression of the public, but rather for the display of Federal, State, the POW-MIA Flag, the City Flag, and a maximum of two commemorative flags per month.”

Under the policy the City Council may display on a temporary pole one commemorative flag per month, but in no event would they display more than two commemorative flags per month (to be displayed separately – the first commemorative flag for the first half of the month, and the second commemorative flag for the second half of the month), for the ensuing year as determined by the City Council. Authorization by the City Council to display commemorative flags under such a policy may occur in one annual resolution only of the City Council, to be considered and potentially adopted in December of each year as an expression of the City’s official sentiments.

The schedule Council and Mayor is proposed for 2020 is linked here…