Crater Community Radio

Our programming will be a mix of news/ public affairs/ and entertainment programming rich with music not found on the dial, and hosted by live announcers. The listening audience recognizes our folks as both experts in their format and a part of their (the audience’s) cohort (“Hey! I know her, she’s my neighbor”! Or “Whoa – listen to this, I went to school with this guy!”). In addition to music, our on air presence includes a broad mixture of live issue oriented talk shows hosted by leaders from the neighborhoods, and frequent news updates on issues that speak to concerns of folks who live on the Colorado Plateau.

Our on air people (news, public affairs, and entertainment programmers) are respected by the entire community as being the place to find out what happened AND how it affects each of us and what, as a listener and reader, one can do to influence where it goes from here. And one better, we become the place to go to find out what’s about to happen so folks can be ahead of the game. No more finding out about an issue or event after it’s too late.

Our programmers are representative of varied socio-economic backgrounds. Programmers come from neighborhoods across the Southwest. We have a balance of women and men at the microphone and a representative balance of English, Spanish, Navajo, and Hopi speakers.

Become a program host or DJ! Because the Crater is an internet based radio station our programmers live all over the Southwest. Some are DJs and program hosts from broadcast and internet based stations, some only produce shows for Crator Radio. They hail from nearby and far out places like Flagstaff, Durango, Farmington, Tucson, Lyons, Tuba, Moenkopi, Moab, LA, Glendale, Bear Creek, NOLa, Dallas, Little Rock, and Milagro. Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

With the Crater we reintroduce locally reported and produced news and public affairs radio shows and diverse music programming curated by folks who live in the communities they serve. We feed and are fed by alternative newspapers. We host an in house podcast production company and manage a podcast production and distribution network accessible to community producers. News, public affairs, and music programming is currently streaming online, and will shortly become available in podcast format for offline listening. Correspondents from across the country will inform our news and our folks will be correspondents to those organizations.

Become a part of our broadcast news team! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch right away. We are developing broadcast news teams to report on news events of local and regional import with reporters assigned to regular beats such as City Councils, County Supervisors, water issues, recreation issues, the National Forest Service, state legislatures, Congressional districts scattered across the plateau region, labor and workers issues, the environment, education, neighborhood issues, various city beats, and national issues and events that impact our lives in the intermountain and desert west. We report on news, events, and issues from native peoples, women’s justice issues, social and economic justice issues, labor, the police, the courts, and our neighborhoods….  Members of neighborhood based and membership organizations can host public affairs and call in talk shows, and podcasts. In this way we truly earn our reputation as “The Voice Of The People”.

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