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Robyn Shanti

Tune in for new and vintage political/spiritual/radical folk, blues, rock, r&b and spoken word music with a radical twist. Music has always been a healing and transformative force in culture. In the1960s we saw the birth of folk/rock music –a convergence of music. culture and activism that changed a nation.

We are living in such a time in history, once again. In this time of the massive corporatization of the media and music industries, The Meteor, Crater Radio, and the Dharma Wheel are proud to be a forum for independent artists and ideas.  The term “dharma” means “right action” in Sanskrit. This concept is the guiding principle behind the Dharma Wheel program hosted by Robyn Shanti to inspire all those who continue working towards a more just, sustainable and compassionate society.

Robyn Shanti has been a radio DJ since 1977 using music as a tool for social transformation and has been involved primarily with listener-owned, community radio for over 40 years in Oneonta NY, Dallas, Tx and Portland, OR. She has been a community activist working for social justice, environmental accountability, Indigenous rights and economic reforms for most of her life.  She is deeply committed to a spiritual practice that involves compassionate action, respect for all Beings and a respect for all wisdom traditions.

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