Flag Citizens to City Council: Declare Climate Emergency

On January 28, the Flagstaff City Council will have a work session that includes discussion of the Citizen’s Petition that was circulated at the Climate Strike on September 20. We will be asking City Council to declare a climate emergency, so that we can elevate the urgency of taking immediate and aggressive climate action. We will also be asking Council to direct Sustainability Staff to advance the goals of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan from 80% reduction in emissions by 2050 to Climate Neutrality by 2030.

Although many people will be commenting to Council on this topic through coalitions they have joined, everyone is encouraged to come prepared with a brief comment on why this declaration is important to you. We need to pack the house for Council to hear our message loud and clear: we are in a climate emergency, we need to treat it as such!

Once the agenda is posted, a more precise time to show up for the meeting will be posted. Bring your friends and family!