Flagstaff winter parking reminder

Don’t get towed.

by Meteor Staff

December 08, 2021

With significant snow forecast for northern Arizona in the coming days, the City of Flagstaff released a reminder regarding snow operations and parking within Flagstaff city limits.

The City’s Public Works Division plans to deploy all available equipment and operators during winter snow events, with operations running 24 hours a day during significant events.

The City’s first priority roadways for treatment are main arterials, major hills, downtown, school and transit routes. All other streets are considered second priority areas. To begin treating second priority roads, the first priority roadways must be completed and maintained throughout the snow event. Cinders are applied to major hills, signalized intersections, railroad crossings, shaded areas, problem areas and stop-signed intersections. A map of the city which shows first and second priority streets can be found at https://gis.flagstaffaz.gov/portal/apps/storymaps/stories/efeb74300b2d4520b2f30731412c604e

Plowing all 700 lane miles of the transportation network takes time so the City asks for the community’s patience. All areas will be plowed in the order listed above.

The City requests that no one parks on the streets to allow snowplows to effectively clear the roads. In compliance with the Winter Parking Ordiance, there is no parking on city streets or alleyways from midnight to 7 a.m. from Nov. 1 to April 1. Compliance with the ordinance allows our Streets Section crews to thoroughly plow streets for safe travel and aids street sweepers in the removal of cinders following a snowstorm.

Additional snow and ice operations information may be found on the City of Flagstaff website at https://www.flagstaff.az.gov/176/Snow-Ice-Operations.