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28. US OR ICE CREAM – When the Universe needs fixing, it needs a Handyman! THAT, of course, is Handyman How! But Handyman How always needs an assistant – and THAT, of course, is Jayne Sarrah! She’s taken her old job back. Once again, she’s flying all over the Galaxies, solving problems with the master problem-solver. But will they be up to the challenge of thwarting the sinister plans of two giant ice cream cones with a yen for world domination? And, more importantly, why doesn’t Jayne Sarrah! have her own theme song? A children’s radio series written and produced by Jim Cheff. Starring Cara Alboucq, Frank Furtado, Bekah Coe, Lisa Coe, James Hasapis, Ivan King, and Katie King as Jayne Sarrah! 2017 Jim Cheff, All Rights Reserved.

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