Meteor city council coverage

Covering the City Council should be a priority for any news organization. The Meteor will provide news coverage of all Council and City Staff actions. In keeping with the notion that an informed public is necessary for healthy civic responsibility it’s our opinion that a news organization is also supposed to keep the public informed of pending actions and intentions of Council and Staff. 

You will find current news coverage of Council and Staff actions under this heading as well as a page that features Agendas and explanatory stories for upcoming meetings as they are available. These agendas are published by the City on the Flagstaff City Government web site and they will also be archived here, as will the news stories associated with them. You will also find many of these stories in various other sections of the Meteor where subjects converge. Links to these sections are always found at the bottom of any given story, or editorial.

We encourage comments on all of our stories, columns, and editorials and especially in this section. There is a comment link at the bottom of each post. To comment readers must be logged in.

Currently we are not moderating the discussions that come of this coverage but may decide to do so in the future. We do not promote or discourage ideas and political views but do ask that the conversation remain civil.

Flagstaff City Council meets most every Tuesday:

Council Meetings: Regular Council meetings take place on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. The meeting occurs in two segments:

  • 4:30 pm: This meeting is for routine, non-controversial business items needing little or no discussion. After the business is completed, the meeting is recessed.
  • 6:00 pm: The meeting is reconvened for the items where substantial citizen input and extended Council discussion is anticipated. There may also be carryover items from the 4:30 p.m. meeting.

Work Sessions: Regular work sessions are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the following week’s Council meeting agenda and/or other special topics, briefings and presentations. In those months with five Tuesdays, the fourth Tuesday meeting will be cancelled and will be held on the fifth Tuesday.

Executive Sessions: An executive session is a closed meeting held for the purpose of discussing certain limited matters including legal, real estate, and personnel issues, as defined in A.R.S. §39-431.03. Executive sessions are generally scheduled every other Tuesday beginning at 4:30 p.m. No formal action is taken at an executive session; it is for the purpose of discussion and providing information or advice from staff to Council and informal direction from Council to staff. All formal action is taken at a regular council meeting.

Special Meetings: This category provides for the posting of miscellaneous meetings held by the City Council, such as neighborhood meetings or town halls.

Public Notices: These are notices of functions at which a quorum of the City Council may be attending, but City business is not transacted at these times.

Agendas: Agendas for the regular meetings and work sessions are posted the preceding week at City Hall and also on the City’s website. All notices are posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting/function, in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes. From time to time, agendas may not be available due to technical difficulties. The official posting site is on the City Council Bulletin Board located on the first floor in City Hall.

Meeting Video: Videos for City Council meetings have replaced action summaries. They are maintained on the City’s website for several years. To obtain minutes that are not accessible on the website, contact the City Clerk, Stacy Saltzburg, at (928) 213-2077.

Public participation: From the council’s web site: “Public Participation enables the public to address the council about items that are not on the prepared agenda (emphasis ours). Public Participation appears on the agenda twice, at the beginning and at the end of the work session. You may speak at one or the other, but not both. Anyone wishing to comment at the meeting is asked to fill out a speaker card and submit it to the recording clerk (it’s a blue postcard sized thing with spaces for name, address and a box for you to write your comment topic and other things you wish the council to know).

When this section of the meeting begins, your name will be called in the order the clerk received your card. You may address the Council up to three times throughout the meeting, including comments made during Public Participation. Please limit your remarks to three minutes per item to allow everyone to have an opportunity to speak. At the discretion of the Chair, ten or more persons present at the meeting and wishing to speak may appoint a representative who may have no more than fifteen minutes to speak.”

Here’s the link to watch council meetings live:

And a link here that will give you minutes AND video recordings from adjourned meetings: