One World “We Are One” video

Introduction by Taboo

We can find unity in our diversity ✊? I am proud to partner IllumiNative and Mag 7 for the release of “We Are One,” a collaboration to show the richness, diversity, and beauty of Indian Country.

Today on Indigenous Peoples’ Day and every day we are here to say that We Are Still Here. Research has shown that the lack of representation of Native peoples in mainstream society creates a void that limits the understanding and knowledge that Americans have of Native communities. We are here to fight the invisibility that Natives face by amplifying contemporary, authentic Native voices, and supporting Native peoples tell their story.

We as humans all live in this one world where we have to work and live together. Our goal is for Native peoples to be normalized in a current today and show accurate and positive representations of our people.

About IllumiNative and Mag 7:

IllumiNative is an initiative, created and led by Natives, to challenge the negative narrative that surrounds Native communities and ensure accurate and authentic portrayals of Native communities are present in pop culture and media.

Mag 7 is a collective of seven MCs and songwriters from different tribes, who came together for hope and optimism. The members of Mag 7 are Drezus (Plains Cree tribe), Supaman (Crow tribe), PJ Vegas (Shoshone / Yaqui tribes), Kahara Hodges (Navajo tribe), Doc Native (Seminole tribe), Spencer Battiest (Seminole tribe), and Emcee One (Osage/Potawatomi tribes).

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