We will be adding links to the podcast below. Currently under development:

  • A series of conversations with Northern Arizona folks of interest
  • A series of conversations with candidates in the 2020 elections
  • A series called Balancing Fire where Carrie Danielson talks with women and First Nations wildland firefighters

We have already launched Mary Farfisa! Bringing back the adventures of space girl Mary Farfisa and her friend as they fly through outer space on their cool adventures.

Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Adventures is a series of radio plays written and produced in Flagstaff by Jim Cheff for children. With 40 complete half-hour episodes in the can the Meteor will be home to the audio episodes. We will feature a new episode each week and will archive past episodes on Mary Farfisa’s own Meteor page.

The series was first conceived by Jim Cheff and aired on KSZN Radio Sunnyside in Flagstaff, AZ. It aired on Saturday mornings at 10 am trhough June 2018. Recorded with local actors and musicians in his recording studio the series was one of the most popular shows on the community radio station. It has inspired a spin-off comic strip also for children and fun-loving grownups. The Meteor will feature one strip a week.

“I’m very enthused about the series, and about making fun, positive and smart stories and programming for kids,” said Cheff. “Mary Farfisa is an eight-year-old space-girl. She travels the galaxies on her space-horse, Briscoe, looking for songs and sounds and music and noise to catch in her audio lasso. She wants to share those songs and sounds with everyone in the Universe. Because — like she says in her theme song — ‘Songs and sounds and music and noise … can be as much fun as a box full of toys!’”

“Continually fascinated by the sounds we can coax out of the world, and what we can do with them. I blog about the music I make and the music I listen to at roughwindows.blogspot.com. “Collection,” a 22-track, digital album of my work can be downloaded at jimcheff.bandcamp.com.”

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