Injustice Barrett

Injustice Barrett “Give me your Roe v. Wade, your wretched ACA…” by Khalil Bendib October 28, 2020

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Coming abortion fight could threaten birth control, too

by Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News Friday, November 6 Abortion opponents were among those most excited by the addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. And they had good reason to be. As…

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Posted in Common Dreams News Race for the White House 2020 The People Speak Women

Women-led marches and rallies in US cities nationwide call for Trump’s ouster and GOP defeat

‘We’ve Had Enough’ From Denver to Durham to D.C. “His presidency began with women marching and now it’s going to end with women voting,” said head of the Women’s March. by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Sunday,…

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Posted in Climate change Common Dreams Environment News SCOTUS

Barrett says she has no ‘firm views’ on climate crisis

‘We Don’t Need a Climate Denier on the Supreme Court’ “If you’re neutral on climate change, you’re complicit in the collapse of the planetary ecosystem upon which the survival of every living thing depends.” by Jake…

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Supreme Charade

by Wade Rathke October 14, 2020 New Orleans   There’s a bitter irony to the current charade called a confirmation hearing for a new justice to join the United States Supreme Court. All of the players,…

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Posted in Common Dreams Election Tampering News SCOTUS Voter suppression

SCOTUS nominee Barrett says she would approach election tampering with ‘an open mind’

“This shouldn’t be a hard question. The fact that she would not answer it is deeply troubling.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Tuesday, October 13 When Judge Amy Coney Barrett was asked Tuesday during her second…

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Posted in Common Dreams Coronavirus Economy News Safety Net Unemployment insurance

3 in 4 Americans—including 55% of Republicans—want Senate GOP to prioritize Covid-19 relief over ramming through Coney Barrett

“Trump’s Senate allies are doing everything they can to ensure Trump’s pick for the high court moves swiftly through the approvals process. Where has this urgency been as Americans have languished for weeks without new coronavirus…

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Posted in Analysis Common Dreams News SCOTUS

Reproductive rights advocates say Barrett signing anti-choice ad confirms pre-existing bias

“Trump said he’s only nominating justices who’ll end Roe and criminalize abortion,” says NARAL Pro-Choice America’s president Ilyse Hogue. “We take him at his word.” by Brett Wilkins, staff writer Thursday, October 1 Amy Coney Barrett,…

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Posted in Analysis Common Dreams News Second Amendment

Barrett’s right-wing ideology and past rulings signal she could intentionally ‘make the country a more unjust place’

“Sometimes her opinions have been downright cruel. They disqualify her, full stop.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Monday, September 28 Since President Donald Trump on Saturday confirmed reports that he is nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett…

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