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Anne Fenney

by Wade Rathke February 8, 2021 Pearl River I didn’t know Anne Fenney, but I stayed in her house. I’m not sure how that counts in degrees of separation, but I would mark it as pretty…

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Little “d” democracy in action

by Wade Rathke February 7, 2021 Pearl River    There’s no question democracy is under attack all around the world, and, sadly, we are all engaged in a battle to protect the semblance of it that’s…

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Leading digital rights group warns section 230 reform bill will boost Big Tech while crushing smaller sites

“This bill, as written, would have enormous unintended consequences for human rights and freedom of expression,” warned Fight for the Future’s Evan Greer. by Brett Wilkins, staff writer Saturday, February 6, 2021 A leading digital rights…

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Living with natural gas pipelines: Appalachian landowners describe fear, anxiety and loss

Some reported never hearing about a planned pipeline until a “land man” – a gas company representative – knocked on their door offering to buy a slice of their property; others said that they found out…

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Organizing in the Year of the Plague

by Wade Rathke January 28, 2021 New Orleans    The Year End / Year Begin meeting is a tradition and vital piece of planning, reflection, and celebration with our ACORN family of organizations. This one was…

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Crowd chaos underlines differences in Instigators versus Organizers

by Wade Rathke January 19, 2021 Pearl River   The post-mortem on the Capitol mob scene has been bizarrely interesting from an organizing perspective. A lot of it has been more about name-calling than analysis. This…

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Capitol Police asleep at the switch

by Wade Rathke Friday, January 8, 2021 New Orleans    One of the late-night comedians noted that these early resignations from White House staff and cabinet officers with less than two weeks before Biden’s inauguration are…

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Celebrate, but keep it real, here come the Congressional Mod Squad

by Wade Rathke Wednesday, January 6, 2021 New Orleans   Victories have a thousand fathers and defeats are orphan children, or something like that. ACORN, the Voter Purge Project, and Labor Neighbor are glad to count…

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Doing our part in Georgia, ground game pays off

by Wade Rathke January 5, 2021 New Orleans   The double-barreled Senate runoff in Georgia has been something to watch, and even more interesting on the ground, as our team found doing our part to assure…

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I never thought Democrats could win Georgia. Could it happen twice?

The critical Senate run-off race is too close to call. But a massive voter mobilization effort may just tip the balance. by Mary Fitzgerald Sunday, January 3, 2021 My mother was 23 when she accidentally got…

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Black Lives Matter, the Tides Foundation, and the future

by Wade Rathke December 28, 2020 Pearl River   The Black Lives Matter movement erupted after the killing of George Floyd, as demonstrations, perhaps as many as 8500, occurred throughout the country and the world. BLM,…

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Congress crams language to criminalize online streaming, meme-sharing into 5,500-page omnibus bill

“These types of decisions should never be made in closed-door negotiations between politicians and industry or rushed through as part of some must-pass spending package.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Monday, December 21, 2020 Lawmakers in…

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Homeless squatters vs. gentrifiers

by Wade Rathke December 21, 2020 Pearl River   Congress passed a skinny stimulus bill for $900 billion to win the “better than nothing” award for 2020. Whoopee! The bill does promise a bit of cash…

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New York City protects fast food workers

by Wade Rathke December 18, 2020 Atlanta   The New York City Council passed two ordinances that could open the door to a new era of job protection for some of the most precarious workers in the…

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On the Doors in Atlanta

by Wade Rathke December 15, 2020 Atlanta   The Electoral College licked the envelope and sealed the deal on Joe Biden’s victory for Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States with 306 votes…

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The non-profit depression?

by Wade Rathke December 14, 2020 Atlanta   A boatload of money is being spent in the Georgia election runoff for the two remaining US Senate seats. Estimates range from $350 to $500 million by the…

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A radio lesson from the ACLU in NOLa DA’s race

by Wade Rathke December 6, 2020 Pearl River   The 2020 election season isn’t quite over, as the Senate runoff in Georgia proves, but that’s not the only place where there are key runoffs. In New Orleans,…

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Colorado high school students post video pleading with local authorities to ban fracking

“We shouldn’t be afraid for our health when we step outside our own houses,” says one of the students in the video. by Brett Wilkins, staff writer Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Students at a Colorado high…

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Years of grassroots organizing forged Biden’s Georgia win

Atlanta, often called the “cradle of the civil rights movement,” was the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and made up much of the congressional district represented by the late John Lewis. The story behind how…

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Low-income voters showed up for Biden. Now they need relief.

People didn’t turn out in record numbers in a pandemic to vote for a return to normal. By Sarah Anderson, Margot Rathke November 12, 2020 Joe Biden is headed to the White House, and he has…

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Georgia, ground zero for the Senate

by Wade Rathke November 13, 2020 Atlanta   It took five hours and half a tank of gas for me and two organizers for the ACORN Tenants Union in Atlanta to visit more than a dozen apartment…

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Biden given roadmap to revitalize rural America

The plan “lays a foundation for bringing economic vitality to rural communities in the face of racial injustice, economic decline, climate change, and a devastating pandemic.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Friday, November 13 Family Farm…

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Time for Democrats to betray the donor class—not the people

A great many people did not vote for Joe Biden, they voted against Trump. We have to recognize how narrow this win was. by Naomi Klein Tuesday, November 10, 2020 These have been a harrowing few…

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Georgia on my mind

by Wade Rathke November 9, 2020 Washington, DC   In politics there is always tomorrow, not necessarily for the same candidate or party, but the people will be served after a fashion, and the positions will be…

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