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People proving to be weakest link for apps tracking COVID exposure

  Rae Ellen Bichell November 19, 2020 The app builders had planned for pranksters, ensuring that only people with verified COVID-19 cases could trigger an alert. They’d planned for heavy criticism about privacy, in many cases…

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COVID takes challenge of tracking infectious college students to new level

by Lauren Weber October 12, 2020 As the return of college students to campuses has fueled as many as 3,000 COVID-19 cases a day, keeping track of them is a logistical nightmare for local health departments…

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White House failure to contact trace stirs contempt

‘People Have a Right to Be Upset’ “This borders on reckless in terms of exposing people, not just in New Jersey, but it looks like for folks around the country, who are now scattered by the…

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A crowd at the Fremont Street Experience, a Las Vegas pedestrian mall frequented by tourists, on July 10. (Bridget Bennett/The New York Times via Redux)
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Cellphone data shows how Las Vegas is “gambling with lives” across the country

Las Vegas casinos, open for months now, are a likely hotbed for the spread of COVID-19. For many reasons, contact tracing has proved next to impossible as tourists return to homes across the U.S. by Marshall…

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