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Trump pledges to deploy Secret Police units to major US cities

‘Fascism Coming to a City Near You’ The president also praised federal agents for doing a “fantastic job” with a widely condemned crackdown on Portland, Oregon. by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Monday, July 20, 2020, 2PM…

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Trump seizes on Bush-era torture memo author John Yoo’s call for Extralegal Executive Authority

‘Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy’ “There is a lot of continuity between the Bush and Trump administration, including an almost limitless view of executive power.” by Eoin Higgins, staff writer Progressives are raising alarm after news Sunday…

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How fake accounts constantly manipulate what you see on social media – and what you can do about it

by Jeanna Matthews, Clarkson University Wednesday, June 24 Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram started out as a way to connect with friends, family and people of interest. But anyone on social media these days…

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Crowds flood streets across US demanding end to police brutality and justice for George Floyd

“This is incredible” “It feels like it’s more than just a moment. Finally, finally it’s more than just a moment.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Saturday, June 6 Hundreds of thousands of people across the United…

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Trump’s use of religion follows playbook of authoritarian-leaning leaders the world over

by Laura R. Olson, Clemson University Sunday, June 7 It was a striking moment: Donald Trump, Bible in hand, posing for photos in an apparent moment of political theater made possible by the dispersal of protesters…

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‘Watershed moment in election law’ as judge rules ‘modern day Poll Tax’ in Florida unconstitutional

Advocates for restoring the voting rights of people with past convictions welcomed the ruling as “a powerful reminder that no one can trump the U.S. Constitution.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Monday, May 25 Civil liberties…

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Without a functioning Postal Service there is no vote by mail

Experts Warn Trump Assault on Postal Service Threatens November Elections “All the plans we have for a safe and legitimate general election in November depend heavily upon the ability to expand vote-by-mail. Yet those plans would…

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Saying Quiet Part Very Loud, Trump admits limiting voter access necessary to maintain Republican control

“This morning on live television, the president of the United States admitted he is opposed to laws that would make it easier for Americans to vote because that would hurt Republicans.” by Jon Queally, staff writer…

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