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Trump says he Is ‘Counting on the Federal Court System’ to declare winner on Election Night—before many ballots are tallied

“This is an open admission that Trump hopes to use the Supreme Court to steal the election.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Monday, September 21 President Donald Trump said during a campaign rally over the weekend…

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Voting on the Working Family Party Ballot Line

by Wade Rathke September 15, 2020 New Orleans New Yorkers are lucky. Not only do they get to vote with relatively little hassle, but they get to send important messages to politicians about where they stand…

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy (R) arrives for a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on August 5, 2020. (Screen shot from photo by: Mandel Ngan/AFP)
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Postmaster General accused of criminal violation of campaign laws

‘This Is Against the Law and DeJoy Must Be Fired’ Former head of human resources at DeJoy’s logistic firm, along with other employees, says the major GOP donor now running the Postal Service reimbursed workers for…

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U.S. President Donald Trump boards Marine One for departure from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC., on Friday, July 19, 2019. (Photo: Cheriss May/NurPhoto)
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Sanders warns nation: Trump is laying groundwork for election result mayhem

“Trump is now using his lies and misinformation to sow confusion and chaos in the election process and undermine American democracy,” says the Vermont senator. by Jon Queally, staff writer Sunday, September 6 Warning of the…

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Attorney General William Barr speaks during a press conference on January 13, 2020 in Washington, D.C. (From photo, crop: McNamee)
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Barr claims man cast 1,700 fake ballots in Texas, prosecutors say not so

‘That’s Not What Happened at All,’ Say Prosecutors  “Barr is a shameless liar and most importantly has been one for his entire career,” tweeted New York Times columist Jamelle Bouie. by Julia Conley, staff writer Friday,…

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USPS watchdog probe found 1 million Primary Ballots likely delivered too late to count

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) called the findings “more powerful proof that resources and reform are vital right away to prevent serious election mail delays and voting suppression.” by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Wednesday, September 2 The…

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Trump twists warning of election night results delay to suit his narrative, advocacy groups vow to make sure every vote counts

“Donald Trump is not running a re-election campaign. He’s running a power grab.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Wednesday, September 2 President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning openly embraced a theory put forth by analysts earlier…

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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said Friday he believes President Doanld Trump could secure another electoral victory in November. (Photo: Montclair Film Festival/flickr/cc)
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Michael Moore provides ‘reality check,’ warning swing state polls signal Trump could pull off electoral victory in November

The filmmaker correctly predicted Trump’s win in 2016. by Julia Conley, staff writer Sunday, August 30 Pointing to polls in swing states and the wide gap in enthusiasm between President Donald Trump’s supporters and voters planning…

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Postal Union Leaders Warn Removal of Mail Sorting Machines and Other DeJoy Damage May Be Difficult to Reverse

“Everybody is fundamentally watching the beginning of the dismantling of the Postal Service,” one veteran postal worker said. by Lisa Newcomb, staff writer Thursday, August 19 Postal workers and union leaders across the nation are warning…

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DeJoy announces suspension of changes to mail operations

Right’s groups: Still ‘Miles to Go’ to Ensure a Safe and Fair Election “Nice try,” said Rep. David Cicilline. “You also need to reverse the damage you’ve already done.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Tuesday, August…

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President Donald Trump during a press conference in the Rose Garden at the White House on July 14. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
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It’s illegal for federal officials to campaign on the job. Trump staffers keep doing it anyway.

Trump administration officials have been cited 13 times for violating the Hatch Act, a New Deal-era law prohibiting government officials from engaging in campaigning. by Andrea Bernstein, WNYC Wednesday, August 12, President Donald Trump’s recent musings…

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Mail clerks sort packages at a USPS Processing and Distribution Center on Thursday, May 14, 2020 in City of Industry, California. (Photo: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
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Alarms sound after Postal Worker reports removal of sorting machines

The removal of key equipment from Post Offices should be viewed as nothing less than “sabotage,” said one observer. by Jake Johnson, staff writer Wednesday, August 12 The head of the Iowa Postal Workers Union alleged…

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) listens as President Donald Trump talks to reporters in the Oval Office at the White House July 20, 2020 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: ScreenShot excerpt from photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images).
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McConnell proposing $0 in election assistance

“It is outrageous that this proposal contains not one penny to help states conduct safe elections during a global pandemic.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Thursday, July 23 Progressives are accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell…

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Research on voting by mail says it’s safe – from fraud and disease

by Edie Goldenberg, University of Michigan As millions of Americans prepare to vote in November – and in many cases, primaries and state and local elections through the summer as well – lots of people are…

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The Postal Service is steadily getting worse — Can it handle a national mail-in election?

Postal delays and mistakes have marred primary voting, and after years of budget cuts and plant closures, mail delivery has slowed so much that ballot deadlines in many states are no longer realistic. by Ryan McCarthy…

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Saying Quiet Part Very Loud, Trump admits limiting voter access necessary to maintain Republican control

“This morning on live television, the president of the United States admitted he is opposed to laws that would make it easier for Americans to vote because that would hurt Republicans.” by Jon Queally, staff writer…

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Why so few young Americans vote

By John Holbein, University of Virginia The United States has one of the lowest rates of youth voter turnout in the world. The gap between 18- to 29-year-olds and those over 60, a common measuring stick,…

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Super Tuesday results show how Latino voters, moderate Democrats and Trump supporters are shaping the election

Katie A. Cahill, University of Tennessee; Andrea Kent, West Virginia University, and Rey Junco, Tufts University Mar 4, 11:00 AM MST Editor’s note: From tiny Vermont villages to the tornado-damaged city of Nashville to California’s sprawling…

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Democrat establishment and centrist pundits go on offensive in “misguided” verbal attack on Sanders Campaign

By Mac England, Feb 23, 2020 Flagstaff. UCLA’s Latino Policy and Politics Initiative estimated Sunday morning, with around 60% of precincts officially reporting, that Sanders won over 70% of the Latino vote in the Nevada caucus….

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The irony of the centrist-progressive debate

Moderates consistently warn that progressive ideas can’t win “the middle.” But just look at the polls. By Jim Hightower | February 12, 2020 With dozens of Democratic candidates, scores of televised debates, and swarms of reporters…

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Sanders takes Nevada Democrat’s Caucus, 3 wins in a row

This is a breaking story and will continue to be updated. updated 9 AM By Mac England For the first time in memory a contender in a Democrat Presidential Nominating race has won the first three…

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Nevada Entrance Poll shows 62% of Democratic Caucus-goers support Medicare for All

“It’s fair to say Democratic leadership fails to understand how much everyday Americans hate their private healthcare coverage.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer More than 60% of Nevada caucus-goers support eliminating private insurance and moving to…

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Something Democrats and Republicans have in common: Exaggerated stereotypes about both parties

Misconceptions abound on both sides of the aisle. Victor Moussa/ Douglas J. Ahler, Florida State University With animosity between party supporters already at an all-time high, buckle up for what promises to be one of the…

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Field testing voter purges and “drops”

Columbus        As the Voter Purge Project moves forward, we are now analyzing the voter files on more than a dozen states on our way to double that number in coming weeks, many of them include the…

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