Kurt Thigpen was met with vitriol shortly after he became a school board member in Washoe County, Nevada. Credit: David Calvert, special to ProPublica
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We’re losing our humanity, and the pandemic is to blame

“What the hell is happening? I feel like we are living on another planet. I don’t recognize anyone anymore.”  by Sarah Smith, ProPublica October 8, 2021   Kurt Thigpen clenched his hands around the edge of…

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MASK REVOLT – really?!?

by Wade Rathke August 18, 2021 New Orleans f all of the revolts we might imagine in the fever dreams of our lives, the anti-mask rebellion has to be one for the comic books. Much of…

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Daniel Fishel for ProPublica
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My kids’ school won’t reinstate masks despite a recent surge in COVID cases. Here’s what I chose to do.

Georgia’s Cobb County School District had parents choose between virtual and in-person learning, then lifted its mask mandate. Many families are frantically figuring out how to navigate this reality. ProPublica reporter Nicole Carr is one of…

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Masks off: Bill would allow Arizona businesses to ignore city, county mandates

by Victoria Hill, Cronkite News Thursday, February 18, 2021   Phoenix – A House committee has passed a Republican-sponsored bill that would allow Arizona business owners to decide whether to enforce mask mandates for employees and customers,…

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Victor Garcia works to disinfect tables and clear finished plates at Fish restaurant in Sausalito, California, on Jan. 25. Fish was one of the first restaurants to re-open for outdoor dining after Governor Gavin Newsom lifted shelter-in-place orders. (JESSICA CHRISTIAN/THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE VIA GETTY IMAGES)
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New Covid cases plunge 25% or more as behavior changes

by Christina Jewett January 28, 2021 A dozen states are reporting drops of 25% or more in new covid-19 cases and more than 1,200 counties have seen the same, federal data released Wednesday shows. Experts say…

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Flurry of Biden orders on COVID-19 raise some doubts, but more hopes

by Jacob Holter, Cronkite News Washington, D.C.    Almost half of the 24 executive orders President Joe Biden has signed in his first two days in office have dealt with COVID-19, which White House officials cite as…

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Biden mandates masks on federal property

Cronkite News   Almost half of the 24 executive orders President Joe Biden signed in his first two days in office dealt with COVID-19, which White House officials say shows it their top priority. But even…

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Mask protection

A lot of our brothers and sisters are at best flying half-masked. Many seem to believe that the mask is something similar to a chin guard, but I’m unclear what kind of helmet it’s holding up?…

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The Mask Hypocrisy: How COVID memos contradict the White House’s public face

The mixed messages and ensuing confusion leave governors, and often state and local health officials, holding the bag of political consequences. Lauren Weber and Katheryn Houghton October 1, 2020 While the president and vice president forgo…

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The Constitution doesn’t have a problem with mask mandates

A protester during an anti-mask rally on July 19 in Indianapolis, Indiana, against the mayor’s mask order and the governor’s extension of the state shutdown. Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images by John E. Finn, Wesleyan…

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Sanders calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate to approve $2,000 monthly checks, cancel rent, and expand Medicare

“This I know: nothing will happen unless the American people stand up, fight back, and demand, in overwhelming numbers, that the Senate act.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Monday, July 6 Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday…

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