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Homeless squatters vs. gentrifiers

by Wade Rathke December 21, 2020 Pearl River   Congress passed a skinny stimulus bill for $900 billion to win the “better than nothing” award for 2020. Whoopee! The bill does promise a bit of cash…

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Urban highway dividers

by Wade Rathke December 20, 2020 Pearl River   Remember way back when, back in 2018-19 in the “before” times, when Amazon was jacking up cities, large and small, to compete for their headquarters location? New…

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Coronavirus is collapsing the gentrifying airbnb model

by Wade Rathke New Orleans    Airbnb is in trouble. The Wall Street Journal reports that “bookings last week were down year-on-year around 95% in Asia, 75% in Europe – the company’s biggest market – and…

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