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‘Looks like Trump wasn’t playing around’: President was told Pence in danger just minutes before twitter attack on VP

Latest revelation could be put to use by Democratic impeachment managers. And as one observer put it, “When the jurors are also witnesses, strange things happen.” by Jon Queally, staff writer Thursday, February 11, 2021 Revelations…

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‘Yes, exactly,’ say progressives after Pence warns Democrats will ‘make rich poorer and poor more comfortable’

“You have to be all sorts of twisted to think ‘making poor people more comfortable’ is a bad thing.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Wednesday, December 23, 2020 The grassroots organization People for Bernie on Tuesday…

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Dominance or democracy? Authoritarian white masculinity as Trump and Pence’s political debate strategy

Although some commentators cheered Pence’s ostensible civility during the vice presidential debate, Pence persistently ignored the rules to which his campaign had assented, speaking past his time limit, refusing to answer many of moderator Susan Page’s…

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Pence joins Trump in refusing to commit to peaceful transition

‘This Is Their Desperate Attempt to Cling on to Power’ “Should Donald Trump and Mike Pence refuse to accept the will of the people, we will be ready to mobilize in unprecedented numbers to demand that…

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On front lines, first responders brace for coronavirus ― and their own protection

Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News March 6, 2020 When first responders answered roughly 10 calls from a long-term care center in Kirkland, Washington, over the course of a week, they did not expect to become…

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