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DEA’s latest salvo in failed US war on drugs

“Project Safeguard” “It is astonishing that in the midst of a pandemic and calls for police reform, the DEA is using the same old heavy-handed tactics to address a public health issue.” by Andrea Germanos, staff…

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Scary police crowd control tactics

by Wade Rathke October 13, 2020 New Orleans   My ears perked up as I was listening to a radio broadcaster in Austin relate a story about a novel and dangerous police crowd control tactic used…

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Marathon protests

by Wade Rathke September 30, 2020 New Orleans   There’s something strange and different happening in the world of protests. The average bystander is unlikely to have noticed this, but as a practitioner in this trade,…

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Firing workers for off-the-job protests

by Wade Rathke September 17, 2020 New Orleans   A small notice in an email caught my eye. A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) attorney in a newly released guidance letter wanted to make sure that…

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Disarm all protestors in public spaces

by Wade Rathke Friday, September 4 Pearl River   I’m enrolled in the lifetime learning program for organizers. The sessions are usually not online, but they happen there, too. Most of the classes are in real-time…

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Why colleges should think twice before punishing student protesters

Jerusha Osberg Conner, Villanova University For much of the 2019-2020 academic year, Syracuse University has been besieged by student protests over how the school handled of a series of racist incidents on campus. In the latest…

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