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Utah lawmakers seeking to legalize drivers running over street protesters

“Legislators are considering a bill that would let drivers off the hook for mowing down protesters.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Friday, November 20, 2020 Utah lawmakers are being condemned this week for advancing a bill…

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Once a symbol of desegregation, Ruby Bridges’ school now reflects another battle engulfing public education

If that building’s walls could talk, they certainly would tell the well-known story of its desegregation. by Connie L. Schaffer, University of Nebraska Omaha; Martha Graham Viator, Rowan University, and Meg White, Stockton University   On…

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Swept up by police

Analysis of arrests in 15 cities reveals most George Floyd protesters were charged with misdemeanors and lived within the metro area where they were arrested. By Meryl Kornfield, Austin R. Ramsey, Jacob Wallace, Christopher Casey and…

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Neko Wilson released in landmark Arizona case

Despite a unanimous ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals that Wilson has been held illegally since July 2019, it has taken months to reach Tuesday’s final decision allowing him to walk free yesterday. by  Levi…

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‘Small Signs’, a powerful look at the underbelly of a tourist town

by Madrone Kalil Schutten, Ph.D., Guest column for the Meteor Friday, October 23, 2020 Small Signs: A Protest in Flagstaff, Arizona is a documentary on the pulse of the second wave of the civil rights movement….

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‘Small Signs’, Flagstaff resident releases documentary on summer of protests in Flagstaff, AZ

by Mac England, video produced by Levi Stallings Friday, October 16 Flagstaff, Ariz   This summer there were over 50 marches, actions, and demonstrations in Flagstaff, Arizona sparked as elsewhere in the country by the death…

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ACLU says it can’t find parents of over 500 children separated from families by Trump

‘Just Babies at the Time’ “We will not stop looking until we have found every one of the families, no matter how long it takes.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Wednesday, October 21 Lawyers appointed by…

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‘Well that is incredibly racist,’ says Kamala Harris campaign after David Perdue’s dogwhistle attack at Trump rally

“This kind of vile, race-baiting trash talk is what President Trump has unleashed from sitting Republican members of the Senate,” said Perdue’s Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, in response. by Jon Queally, staff writer Saturday, October 17…

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Republicans unleash their inner Jim Crow

Endangered GOP incumbents are launching increasingly racialized attacks against their challengers. By Jim Hightower | OtherWords October 14, 2020 If you’re a rich Republican who’s done nothing in the House of Representatives for so long that…

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Desideratum: Heading Off the Prospects of a Dark and Tumultuous Future

We can no longer afford to wait as climate changes, economic systems malfunction, and enflamed social divisiveness bear down on humanity with unprecedented, irreversible consequences. by Luisa Deprez, John Dorrer Tuesday, October 13, 2020 ”This time,…

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Native American man shot protesting Trump border wall, others tear gassed, arrested by US agents on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“It’s obscene and offensive to us that local and state governments move to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day while the federal government blows up our sacred sites, steals our kids, militarily occupies our communities, and shoots at…

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White Christian Privilege

by Wade Rathke October 3, 2020 Atlanta   As always, there are things you know, things you think you know, and then the dreaded assumptions that mask as both, but are neither. It’s those assumptions that…

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Trump riles up Minnesota supporters with attack on Somali refugees

“This is the overlap between white supremacy, the climate emergency, misogyny, and human rights abuses.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Thursday, October 1 Just 24 hours after refusing to condemn white supremacists during the first 2020…

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Survey shows 60% of US families struggling to get by, as McConnell dismisses new Covid relief bill as ‘political stunt’

“He’s been blocking the original HEROES Act for 138 days. As always, his priorities are appalling.” by Julia Conley, staff writer Wednesday, September 30 On the Senate floor Wednesday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated once again…

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Trump’s encouragement of GOP ballot watchers echoes an old tactic of voter intimidation

by  Mark Krasovic, Rutgers University Newark During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump was asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he would “urge” his followers to remain calm during a prolonged vote-counting period after the election,…

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Kentucky AG Ordered to Release Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes After Juror Demands ‘Full Story and Absolute Truth’

“The public deserves better than the word games Daniel Cameron is playing to avoid telling the truth.” by Kenny Stancil, staff writer Tuesday, September 29 Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced Monday night that his office…

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Rights groups condemn ICE amid whistleblower’s allegations of unwarranted hysterectomies

‘Forced Sterilization Is Genocide’ The complaint alleges numerous health and safety violations in regards to Covid-19 in addition a disturbing number of procedures performed on detained women. by Lisa Newcomb, staff writer Tuesday, September 15 Human…

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Racial Authoritarianism

by Wade Rathke Wednesday, September 9 New Orleans   Rochester, New York is an interesting place in its own right. The heart of downtown is a semi-wasteland, but along the edges there are bike and running trails…

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White House moves to end racial awareness/diversity training.

Even though racism infects many US police departments WH memo says there is ‘no place’ for awareness and “Un-American” diversity training in US Government. “187,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19, and the White House is spending…

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The erasure of Indigenous People in U.S. COVID-19 data

‘The United States had no idea what was going on in Indian Country. They have no idea.’ by Kalen Goodluck, High Country News Monday, August 31 Indigenous peoples are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 infections. But…

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Cities and states look to crack down on ‘less-lethal’ weapons used by police

by Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News and Kevin McCoy, USA TODAY and Donovan Slack, USA TODAY Thursday, September 3 Following nationwide protests against police brutality in which law enforcement officers wounded or blinded protesters, state and…

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Members of the University of South Carolina football team join student athletes on campus during a demonstration against racial inequality and police brutality on August 31, 2020 in Columbia, South Carolina. The team organized the event in response to Jacob Blake, who was shot several times at close range in the back during an encounter with a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer, which was caught on video. (Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
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‘Unjust, inhumane, and avoidable’: Horrifying video of police killing of Daniel Prude sparks outrage

“If someone calls for mental health assistance, murdering people should not be the result,” one racial justice advocate said. by Lisa Newcomb, staff writer Thursday, September 3 Newly released video footage showing New York police putting…

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What makes Donald Trump and John Wayne heroes of the Christian Right?

by  Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Calvin University August 27, 2020 The Research Brief is a short take on interesting academic work. The big idea   White evangelical support for Donald Trump has long puzzled observers. To…

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Protesters hold signs during a demonstration against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 26, 2020. Two people were shot dead and a third injured on the night of August 25 as anti-police protesters clashed with armed vigilante groups during a third night of demonstrations over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. (Photo: Kamil Krzaczynsky/AFP via Getty Images)
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Far-right militias and white supremacist groups infiltrating US police departments for years, says Brennan Center for Justice

The study comes amid unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the latest high-profile police shooting of a Black man and the shooting deaths of two protesters by an alleged far-right militia member. by Julia Conley, staff writer…

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