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The roots of “Stop the Steal” in the attack on ACORN

by Wade Rathke Sunday, January 24, 2021 New Orleans   The arc of justice is long, but when people see it coming, they don’t stay silent. First, a text from the most devoted Times’ reader and…

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The confused, fragmented and leaderless red-right

by Wade Rathke January 14, 2021 Little Rock   Once you breakout of metro Atlanta and hit interstate 20, the hills start rolling towards Birmingham, and then interstate 22 moves through northern Alabama towards Tupelo until…

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The RNC stopped paying a data firm after a serious breach. Then it paid a mysterious LLC with the same address.

Three years after the Republican National Committee publicly sidelined the sullied firm, it paid an LLC with the same address $900,000 for “data services.” The RNC said it wouldn’t “waste any more breath explaining these innocuous…

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