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Kelly, Manchin join GOP in passing motion to bar Biden from declaring climate emergency

“Our political leadership is out to kill most of us,” lamented one climate justice advocate. by Jake Johnson, Common Dreams May 5, 2022 Two right-wing Democrats, Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Mark Kelly of…

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Flags touting sayings such as “Don’t blame me I voted for Trump” fly from a cart at a rally put on by the Arizona Republican Party to hear the results of 2020 elections investigation. (Photo by Sierra Alvarez/Cronkite News)
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Maricopa election probe is complete, but fight may just be starting

The Cyber Ninjas count showed Biden should have received 99 more votes in Maricopa County and Trump should have received 261 fewer; Senator Mark Kelly got an extra 60 votes in the final count over former…

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With Senate again up for grabs, 2022 already a multimillion-dollar race

  By Brooke Newman, Cronkite News July 21, 2021   Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly has a huge fundraising lead over potential challengers to his 2022 re-election bid, but analysts say that’s still no guarantee in a campaign…

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Sinema, Kelly vote to convict, as Senate acquits Trump of incitement

by Staff reporters, Cronkite News Saturday, February 13, 2021 Washington, D.C.    Arizona’s senators joined all Democrats and a handful of Republicans Saturday in an unsuccessful attempt to convict former President Donald Trump in a historic…

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Not the ‘blue wave’ they hoped for, but Democrats made gains in 2020

The work of community organizations to reach minority communities within the state “helped bring what blue wave we did see in November.” By Catherine Fusillo, Cronkite News Wednesday, January 5, 2021 WASHINGTON – For years, Democrats have…

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