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Trump grants clemency to Bannon on final day of Presidency

‘Even Nixon Didn’t Pardon His Cronies on the way out’: “Amazingly, in his final 24 hours in office, Donald Trump found one more way to fail to live up to the ethical standard of Richard Nixon.”…

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Twitter and YouTube banned Steve Bannon. Apple still gives him millions of listeners.

Steve Bannon broadcasts election denialism and apocalyptic calls to action several times a day via Apple’s podcast app. He’s not the only one using the platform to spread claims that became a rallying cry of the…

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Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon calls for beheading of Fauci and FBI chief

“I’d Put the Heads on Pikes” “Former top White House aide is advocating for the murder of two government officials for being disloyal to Donald Trump.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer Friday, November 6 In the…

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Federal prosecutors have Steve Bannon’s murky nonprofit in their sights

Tucked at the bottom of the long indictment against Bannon, prosecutors say they want to seize the assets of his nonprofit Citizens of the American Republic, shedding more light on the secretive political group’s finances. by…

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Why Steve Bannon faces fraud charges: 4 questions answered

The former Trump aide and others allegedly misused funds donated to build a border wall.  Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images by Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, University of Notre Dame Editor’s note: Federal prosecutors in New York have arrested former…

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Private border wall fundraisers have been arrested on fraud charges

Investigators say fundraisers for nonprofit We Build the Wall, including Steve Bannon and founder Brian Kolfage, lied to donors and pocketed funds. Trump has tried to distance himself from the group but Kolfage has bragged about…

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Steve Bannon speaks before introducing Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore during a campaign event at Oak Hollow Farm on December 5, 2017 in Fairhope, Alabama. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
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Steve Bannon arrested for fraud related to role in privatized border wall scheme

The “We Build the Wall” campaign, led by Iraq War veteran Brian Kolfage, raised over $25 million. by Andrea Germanos, staff writer Thursday, August 20, 2020 This is a breaking story and may be updated. Former…

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Steve Bannon’s use of private jet linked to Chinese businessman could violate campaign finance law

One trip was to Arizona to campaign for Wendy Rogers. The former Trump adviser used a plane apparently owned by businessman Guo Wengui. Americans are barred from receiving services for campaigns donated by foreign nationals.  by…

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