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COVID vaccines appear safe and effective, but key questions remain

“A vaccine that remains in the vial is 0% effective no matter what the data show” by Bernard J. Wolfson December 28, 2020 The recent rollout of two newly authorized COVID-19 vaccines is a bright ray…

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Funded by public, promising Moderna results bolster global call for #PeoplesVaccine

‘It Should Belong to Humanity’ “It’s time for companies to live up to their human rights responsibilities and ensure the widest possible access to their innovations.” by Jessica Corbett, staff writer Monday, November 16, 2020 A…

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An engineer holds an experimental vaccine for COVID-19 at Sinovac Biotech in Beijing. The Chinese company’s vaccine has advanced to human trials. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images)
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How — and when — can the coronavirus vaccine become a reality?

It is likely we’ll eventually have a coronavirus vaccine — but perhaps not as quickly as some expect. From development, to clinical trials and distribution, ProPublica reporter Caroline Chen explains the tremendous challenges that lie ahead….

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