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Restoring voting rights to former felons

by Wade Rathke March 17, 2021 New Orleans      In these times when a number of states are trying to curtail voting rights for their citizens, the governor of Virginia made some news by speeding…

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Celebrate, but keep it real, here come the Congressional Mod Squad

by Wade Rathke Wednesday, January 6, 2021 New Orleans   Victories have a thousand fathers and defeats are orphan children, or something like that. ACORN, the Voter Purge Project, and Labor Neighbor are glad to count…

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Doing our part in Georgia, ground game pays off

by Wade Rathke January 5, 2021 New Orleans   The double-barreled Senate runoff in Georgia has been something to watch, and even more interesting on the ground, as our team found doing our part to assure…

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Voter suppression unmasked and undaunted

by Wade Rathke Wednesday, December 30, 2020 Pearl River.  What’s the saying, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride….” The old Scottish nursing rhyme harkens to the days when the differences between the rich and poor might…

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On the Doors in Atlanta

by Wade Rathke December 15, 2020 Atlanta   The Electoral College licked the envelope and sealed the deal on Joe Biden’s victory for Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States with 306 votes…

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Georgia, ground zero for the Senate

by Wade Rathke November 13, 2020 Atlanta   It took five hours and half a tank of gas for me and two organizers for the ACORN Tenants Union in Atlanta to visit more than a dozen apartment…

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Georgia on my mind

by Wade Rathke November 9, 2020 Washington, DC   In politics there is always tomorrow, not necessarily for the same candidate or party, but the people will be served after a fashion, and the positions will be…

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Database voter suppression strategy

by Wade Rathke New Orleans We all know it’s bad, and then we find out that it’s even worse than we imagined. Sharing the Voter Purge Project’s recently released report on consistent errors in the voter…

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Stopping Purges as Voter Registration Deadlines Hit

by Wade Rathke October 5, 2020 New Orleans   We’re on the countdown to the election now. October 5th marks the last voter registration day for the majority of states. The flipping of pages on the…

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The dangers of no one looking at info and data

by Wade Rathke August 29, 2020 Pearl River   A million years ago a random snip of an article or book or something, I honestly don’t remember, made what seemed to me a profound observation. The…

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Field testing voter purges and “drops”

Columbus        As the Voter Purge Project moves forward, we are now analyzing the voter files on more than a dozen states on our way to double that number in coming weeks, many of them include the…

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Ohio battles to protect the vote

Columbus        Twenty-five people made their way into the Vanderelli Room in Columbus.  The art, performance, and all-around community space in the Franklinton neighborhood of the city near downtown had been offered to TrustVote and the Columbus…

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More and more on pernicious voter suppression

Culebra      This is a warning on the eve of a new year:  I’m obsessed with stopping voter suppression as we countdown the months and days to the election in November.  Besides my general obsession, I’m especially…

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